538: When Spring Training Matters

Neil Paine at did some research into how to adjust player projections based on their spring training performance, taking the top ten positive and negative adjustments and showing them in the post. Interestingly, four Mariners are included: Dustin Ackley and Brad Miller on the positive side, Corey Hart and Abraham Almonte on the negative.

Some appreciation for Adrian Beltre

Some nice words for our ex-3B with the broken testical over at Sports on Earth.

Cruz Signs with Orioles

1 year 8MM + 750K in incentives

The Doug Fister trade finally pays off

If the 2011 Doug Fister trade never happened, the Mariners' 2014 signing of Robinson Cano would have topped Dave Cameron's "Worst Transactions of the Off-Season" list. However, Jack Z's trade savvy has once again paid off. Without the Fister deal to Detroit, there would have been no Fister deal to Washington, which took the top spot on Cameron's list. It is this kind of dealing for the future that has helped Z solidify his job as the team's GM and which should keep him in Seattle's good graces for years to come.

BPro measures selective aggression

Ben Lindbergh at Baseball Prospectus looked at the best and worst Z-Swing to O-Swing ratios of last season. The top 10: 1) Dan Uggla 2) Chris Iannetta 3) Andrew McCutchen 4) Matt Joyce 5) Michael Saunders 6) Justin Ruggiano 7) Dexter Fowler 8) David Wright 9) Logan Morrison 10) Yunel Escobar Good news: two Mariners in the top 10. Bad news: in a list where Dan Uggla is number 1.

Mariner's batting coaches tried to teach Brendan Ryan to hit for power not avg???

"Ryan said he and Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long are going to a more simplified approach instead of trying to hit for power, which, the shortstop said, he was instructed to try to do in Seattle. Ryan has never hit more than four home runs in a season."

Grantland Ponders What Could Have Been With A-Rod

Interesting article here. Grantland writer Rany Jazayerli considers how A-Rod's legacy might have been different had he (1) stayed in Seattle, or (2) successfully been traded to the Red Sox. Not as much talk about the M's as you might think, but a good read nonetheless.

Mariners have agreed to a two-year, $14 million deal with Fernando Rodney

Clay Davenport predicts the Mariners will finish 83-79

Of course, he also predicts the Tigers will lead the majors with a comparatively pedestrian 91-71, but it's still interesting to look at. Mariners have a 30.9% chance of making the playoffs.

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