Looking Ahead

A few questions with Athletics Nation

I shared a few questions with SB Nation's Oakland A's blog before today's upcoming series, and got some answers in return.

#FelixTo20: The Chase Begins

From sabermetricians to collectors of ugly sunglasses, all Mariner fans can get behind #FelixTo20.

Twenty minutes into the future...

A lot of the analysis here at Lookout Landing is, in essence, an attempt to predict the future. Time to get a little more direct.

Examining the state of the bullpen

The Mariners bullpen underperformed last year, and it's only gotten thinner since then. What can they do?

Robinson Cano is a Seattle Mariner. What's next?

Christmas is over. Back to work.

Will Cano change the M's plans for Smoak?

Ken Griffey Jr. has some thoughts about Justin Smoak

What does Cano mean for Franklin and Ackley?

Someone's going bye bye

M's want a #2 pitcher? Go get Bartolo Colon

Smart teams should always search to find inefficiencies in the marketplace. This year, Bartolo Colon is a bargain.

The 2014 Lookout Landing off-season plan

From start to finish, here are the moves that point the Seattle Mariners in the right direction for 2014 and beyond.

Are the 2013 Mariners the turn of the tide?

With the 2nd season about to start we take a look at previous Mariner 1st halves, and what this year's team does and does not have in common with them.


Get it done: Extending Kyle Seager

Kyle Seager is 25 and still has another season before he hits arbitration. Why wait? Seager is already among the game's best players, and it's time to strike.

Danny Hultzen, Raul Ibanez, and what is fun

Your 2013 Seattle Mariners are a unique collection of talents and storylines. They are also exactly like the last decade of Mariners' teams. What do we do?

Taijuan Walker, prospect impressions and being 20

Following a 2012 season that saw him post an underwhelming 4.69 ERA, 4.04 FIP and 1.37 WHIP in his debut in Double-A, some were surprised – and many disappointed – to see the highly touted prospect...

Grasping At Straws: Hector Noesi As A Reliever

Could Hector Noesi be a decent relief option?

Michael Morse's Pinkie

Michael Morse is playing with a fractured pinkie. Should he be?

Replacing Raul Ibanez in the Lineup

How to get the best lineup on the field in the wake of the latest injury to Franklin Gutierrez.

Examining Blake Beavan

The bullpen might be a better fit long-term for Beavan.

Morse Unlikely to be Worth a Qualifying Offer

Although the Mariners received no other player aside from Michael Morse in the trade of John Jaso, there is a chance that Morse could result in other players coming to the Mariners organization. It turns out to be a small chance.

Ranking Mariners' Prospects Using Age and League

Taijuan Walker posted a 103 xRA+ in Double-A last season. James Paxton also spent 2012 in Jackson, but he posted an xRA+ of 121. Danny Hultzen's xRA's in AA was 140, before going up to AAA and sucking. How would you rank those three seasons?

Mike Zunino Named Mariners Top Prospect by BA

Just in time for the holidays!

The Mariners 2013 Starting Rotation is Fine

The Mariners might already be building from strength in the rotation this winter.

MLB Releases 2013 Schedule Draft

MLB Releases 2013 Schedule Draft

Mariners to Send Several Top Prospects to Arizona, Later Exercise "Take-Backsies"

Mariners Announce Arizona Fall League Players

An Early Look at the 2013 Payroll Room

An Early Look at the 2013 Payroll Room

Supreme Court

An extra special Felix Day

Blog Event!

Those of you who've been around for a while will remember that we and USS Mariner used to throw blog events once or twice a year. And by that I mean Dave Cameron would do all of the actual...

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