Baseball Reference

Opening day statistical dos and don'ts

It's opening day! Here are some suggestions for rationally interpreting early statistics.

Introducing Reformatted Batted Ball Data

Ever wished you could get batted ball data in a format better suited for en-masse analysis than Jeff Zimmerman's leaderboards or Fangraphs' spray charts? Well...

DIY Sabermetrics: Spring Training Stats

Let's walk through a very simple analysis article to expose the underlying thought process.

The Mariners and the opposite field

Last week, we took a look at the opposite-field exploits of Mariners outfielder Dustin Ackley. This week, let's expand the scope of our analysis to the whole team... and beyond.

Baseball oddities: September 25

Possibly the season's most bizarre ejection.

The Sacrifice Bunt, Part 3: Diminishing Returns

Teams are essentially sacrificing as much as they used to. But are they getting the same value out of them?

The Sacrifice Bunt, Part 2: Same As It Ever Was

The miniseries continues by examining how the sacrifice bunt has been used over the last forty years, and whether anyone has actually learned anything.

The Evolution of the Sacrifice Bunt

Today marks the first entry in a week-long series examining the use, and value, of the sacrifice bunt over the last forty years. Today: the introduction.

Baseball Oddities: May 8

In which previous dilly-dallying turns into a blog post.

Always Tinkering Baseball Changes Rules Yet Again

Boy, when will baseball just leave stuff alone and try and build some traditions? Is nothing sacred?


UPDATED: Strong and Weak Hitters

Can expected home runs, compared against actual home runs, be used to see how strong hitters are? It appears so!

Evaluating Pitchers and Home Runs

Home runs are important, but probably not good to evaluate with.

The Strike Zone By Count

While my posting has been sporadic to say the least, I have had time to continue looking into the strike zone stuff that I began with a look at the differences between the right and left-handed...

ALERT: Mariners Have Used Catchers Bad at Catching

A look at catchers' (and others) pitch-framing performance through an updated representation of the strike zone.

The Direction of Home Runs

Home runs aren't equally distributed. Of course they aren't. Nobody thought that.

An Illustrated Trip to the Edge of the Strike Zone

Where the strike is — and is not — called

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