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A few questions with Athletics Nation

I shared a few questions with SB Nation's Oakland A's blog before today's upcoming series, and got some answers in return.

2014 Mariners preview: A glimmer of hope

They probably won't make the playoffs, but the typically dull glimmer of hope is flickering a little brighter than before.

Cruz to O's, disaster averted (wait, that's it?)

Nelson Cruz ends up signing a completely reasonable deal, and sets important precedent for the Kendrys Morales market.

Walker ranks as top pitching prospect in BP 101

Baseball Prospectus has released their top 101, and Taijaun Walker is the best pitching prospect in baseball.

Yankees hand Tanaka insane money

Tanaka is gone, and the Yankees shelled out the same amount of money to get him as the Mariners did to keep Felix Hernandez.

Glavine, Maddux, Thomas make up 2014 HOF class

Jack Morris is rejected for the final time, Craig Biggio misses by a vote or two, and Edgar's support takes a hit.

Jack Morris and caring about the wrong things

Jack Morris might be inducted to the Hall of Fame tomorrow, and people are upset about it. The problems with voting aren't about putting in those who don't deserve it, they're about excluding those who do.

Monday afternoon news roundup

A look at what some of the latest news around baseball means for the Mariners.

Fortune-telling the AL West with Prince Fielder

The Mariners are going to see a lot more Prince Fielder next year. I put on my magic hat and start reading the future

Fielder, Kinsler swap places in blockbuster deal

Is this happening? It's happening.


Possible posting system changes: M's and Tanaka

Reported changes are coming to the posting system for Japanese players and could possibly give players more choice in their final destination. So what does it mean for Masahiro Tanaka and the Mariners?

Bloomberg values Mariners at $720 million

Bloomberg released their list of franchise values, and the Mariners sit at 18th - $720 million. /coin sound

MLB releases 2014 Mariners schedule; it sucks

The Mariners open the season against a team not named the Oakland Athletics. At home? Of course not.

Instant replay changes: So close but so far

Major League Baseball takes a step towards getting calls right, but botches the execution. Here's why MLB's proposed instant replay policy doesn't work.

Felix Hernandez, the Cy Young, and a fake award

Felix Hernandez is going to make around eight more starts. He's having the best year of his career, but will it be good enough to win the Cy Young? Does he lead the pack for a fake award named after a fake baseball player? Why do we care so much?

The Home Run Derby is a decent silent film

Do you love the derby? Hate the derby? I do not care why do you have such a strong opinion on this issue?

Baseball Oddities

In which I point out something weird from baseball's history

Chone Figgins Gets It Perfect

Chone Figgins has signed a minor-league contract with the Miami Marlins, which sounds about right.

Why Steroid Use is Bad

This isn't about any one player, or really about any players at all. It's about the culture it can foster and what effects that could create on the next generation of players.

Updating The Double Play Twins' Timeline

Checking in once more with ex-Seattle Mariners Jose Lopez and Yuniesky Betancourt, and also Ronny Cedeno for good measure. (There is a reason for this.)

Ex-Mariner, among things, Bedard Signs with Astros

Erik Bedard has signed a minor league contract with the Houston Astros. That's pretty much the end of the story for now.

John Jaso Can't Hit Lefties, Except Maybe He Can

It's been said long and often that the two fatal flaws of John Jaso were that he's bad at catching and that he can't hit lefties. Is the lefty one true?

Always Tinkering Baseball Changes Rules Yet Again

Boy, when will baseball just leave stuff alone and try and build some traditions? Is nothing sacred?

The Hamilton Process, And The Hamilton Result

Josh Hamilton didn't sign with the Seattle Mariners in the end, but at least according to the Mariners, they made a hell of an offer that Hamilton simply turned down in favor of the Angels.

Josh Hamilton Signs With Mariners(' Direct Rival)

Josh Hamilton is not a Seattle Mariner. Josh Hamilton is a Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim! For five years and $125 million.

The Royals And The Last Godawful Trade

Talking about Sunday's trade between the Royals and the Rays, involving James Shields, Wade Davis, Wil Myers, and others.

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