5/30: Open game thread

verlander's last start in safeco huh - Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Hisashi Iwakuma vs Justin Verlander

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Well the Detroit Tigers are coming to town, and with them they are bringing a whole bunch of good pitchers like Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer and whoops the Mariners better enjoy .500 while it lasts!

Nah, it isn't all that bad. Today the M's get to counter the Justin Verlander punch with Hisashi Iwakuma, who is having a better season than the Tigers' resident perfect-game fantasizer and onetime video-game cover model. So far in 2014, Verlander is carrying his lowest K/9 since 2006 with 6.31 (it hasn't been lower since 8 since), and has highest FIP and xFIP in years--despite having a pretty low home run/fb percentage. As he ventures deeper into his early thirties, his velocity has actually remained pretty consistent. The results are changing, though and the old Justin Verlander may be gone. But oh yeah, he's been worth 1.6 wins already. Meanwhile most pitchers are reaching desperately for the bottom rung on his ladder.

The Mariners will be without Cano for the second day in a row, which gives them the wonderful opportunity to throw out both Nick Franklin and Brad Miller in the same lineup. Oh, yes, and Stefen Romero is DHing. I'm so tired of hearing complaints about lineups. Lloyd is trying to paint a Rembrandt with water colors. The fact that you can even tell what he is painting is kind of a miracle.

UPDATE 4:25 PM: Endy Chavez. Fucking Endy Chavez. Instead of deleting everything I had written in the above paragraph, I just decided to keep it. Endy Chavez is back everybody.

Game info

  • Tigers @ Mariners, 7:10 PM PST
  • TV: Root, Radio: 710 ESPN, Internet: MLB.tv

Today's Lineups

Ian Kinsler - 2B Endy Chavez - LF
Torii Hunter - RF James Jones - CF
Victor Martinez - DH Michael Saunders - RF
Miguel Cabrera - 1B Justin Smoak - 1B
Austin Jackson - CF Kyle Seager - 3B
Alex Avila - C Mike Zunino - C
N. Castellanos - 3B Dustin Ackley - DH
Andrew Romine - SS Nick Franklin - 2B
Rajai Davis - LF Brad Miler - SS
Justin Verlander - RHP Hisashi Iwakuma - RHP
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