Twins take game two from Mariners, blink in disbelief

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners extend their losing streak to four on Saturday with a 3-4 loss to the Twins.


I mean, sort of ugh. It wasn't quite an ugh game, I guess. Roenis Elias came out and was clearly not his usual self, giving up six hits over seven innings. He struck out four with only one walk, which tells you that Elias is still looking pretty good so far this season when he's having trouble. And speaking of trouble, it took a hot minute to materialize, but when it hit it hit bad.

In the first, former Oakland A Kurt Suzuki doubled in Brian Dozier for the Twins' first run of the game. Then, in the second, Elias gave up a single to Eduardo Nunez, balked him to second a moment later, and then threw a wild pitch to send him to third when facing Aaron Hicks. Not the best control. Still, Elias escaped the inning run-less, and made it into the third without a run. In the third, he hit sudden superstar Brian Dozier with a pitch to lead off the inning, but then made his way into the fifth harmless before he fell apart. Then...the fifth:

1. Aaron Hicks 1-out single.

2. Eduardo Escobar single.

3. Brian Dozier three-run homer. Fucking Brian Dozier, out of nowhere, pegged for 1 and a half wins on ZiPS and already worth two Brian Dozier.

They were the last runs the Twins needed on the night, but it was enough to end the run for the M's. And honestly, It's nothing to be too upset about. The Twins have been awful for a long time, but they've been awful while hiding really good hitters and still losing games. It's the BABIP thing--it's only a matter of time until things even out, and even if the Twins don't take Dozier and Mauer into the postseason this year, they certainly won't dissipate into the ether like Justin Smoak or anything.

Still, we can't discount the fact that the Mariners had their share of offensive gems today. Despite Elias running into a bit of trouble early and often, the bats showed up, first with a James Jones RBI TRIPLE following a walk to Brad Miller in the third. A moment later, Saunders hit a sac fly to score Jones, and hey wait, Saunders is having a great couple weeks! Condor was 1-3 today with two RBIs (RsBI?), and I think we will be seeing our Canadian friend in the M's leadoff spot for a while, depending on if the M's decide to do something stupid and take him out, or if they do something amazing and get themselves a Daniel Carbonell, which holy shit, please get a Daniel Carbonell.

Speaking of Saunders, the guy had a solo home run in the eighth to bring the game to within a run, proving these M's don't have quite the quit in them they may have had in past games. Here, check it out:

Again, nothing earth shattering, but also kind of suggestive that maybe Condor should have had these at bats in the earlier part of the season, or something. I don't know. Logic, reason, something or other.

Felix faces the Twins tomorrow to hopefully eliminate the series sweep, and then the Mariners head into Monday with a day off. It would be nice to nip this little losing streak in the bud before it gets any worse than it has been, and I think Felix is as good as any to get that started.

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