Kyle Seager is Clutch

Hello. My name is CapSea, and I want to tell you a story about a man that defies all odds. A man that looks at science and says "Screw You, Science." A man that doesn't need gravity because the weight of his gravitas is enough to keep him firmly planted on the ground. This is a man that is so man he's boss. This is a man named Kyle Seager.

Now, you may have heard of Kyle Seager, because Kyle Seager is boss. But what you may not know is that Kyle Seager is single-handedly looking at every single baseball statistician saying "you hit database, I hit datadouble." Because Kyle Seager hits doubles. Yeah.

Anyway, you may have heard of Kyle Seager, but what you may not know is that Kyle Seager is clutch. And not "oh man, his timing right now is totally awesome" but clutch, as in "elevates his game above and beyond when faced with a difficult situation."

Kyle is the Clutchiest Clutch That Ever Clutched a Clutch

Kyle Seager is so clutch he drives stick. Kyle Seager is so clutch, after the first date with his high school sweetheart he never let go. Kyle Seager is so clutch that those that do not believe clutch hitting exists look at his numbers and try to find a reason that they're not true.

According to essentially all mathematical analyses, clutch hitting is a product of chance. In this case clutch hitting is defined as "hitting better than your baseline in clutch situations." Now, in my opinion that's an unfair definition of clutch. It's highly unlikely that any player can suddenly "get better" when in a clutch situation. Clutch should probably be defined as the ability to hit at least at OR above your ability, because while clutch hitting may not exist, "not clutch" most certainly does.

But I digress. According to nearly every analyst of the baseballs, there is no such thing as clutch hitting in terms of hitting above or beyond your game. That is, until Kyle Seager.

Since Kyle Seager started playing full time in 2012, he has become the poster child for what the "clutch" stat was designed to measure. If you take a list of the top 50 clutch players in clutch in the last 3 years, Kyle Seager's 2012, 2013, and 2014 rank

  • 2nd
  • 11th
  • 36th
He is one of only two players to show up in the top 40* in clutch more than once, and he shows up THREE times. All three years he's played full time he has been one of the best clutch players in baseball. He is #1 this year, he was #2 in 2012, and he was #7 in 2013. In the AL only, he's been #1, #4, and #1.
*Molina is the only other player to show up twice in the top 50, and he shows up zero times in the top 40.
That's so impossible, it's unpossible. Now, the season has only just begun and clutch is a counting stat. It's possible that he struggles over the course of the year and his clutch score drops, and it's possible that elephantiasis becomes the cure for cancer.

But as of this writing, Kyle Seager is becoming the exception. Kyle Seager may actually be clutch, and if there was a reason you looked at his numbers and thought "only a 110 career wRC? It seems so much higher!" Now you know why. When it matters, Kyle Seager becomes KYLE SEAGER, and if you wanted to turn Kyle Seager into a better hitter, all you have to do is be down by a few runs in the 9th every game and watch him become Albert Pujols on ster... younger.
Season Name Clutch
2012 Jimmy Rollins 2.35
2012 Kyle Seager 2.2
2013 Carlos Santana 2.02
2013 Adrian Gonzalez 1.93
2013 Paul Goldschmidt 1.77
2013 Chris Davis 1.77
2013 Brian Dozier 1.7
2012 Hunter Pence 1.68
2012 Jose Reyes 1.58
2013 Ryan Zimmerman 1.56
2013 Kyle Seager 1.54
2012 Josh Willingham 1.48
2013 Freddie Freeman 1.43
2013 Eric Hosmer 1.42
2013 Michael Brantley 1.42
2012 Torii Hunter 1.41
2013 Ichiro Suzuki 1.36
2012 Corey Hart 1.35
2013 Ryan Doumit 1.34
2013 Jimmy Rollins 1.33
2012 Asdrubal Cabrera 1.31
2012 Jason Kipnis 1.3
2012 Adrian Gonzalez 1.29
2012 Elvis Andrus 1.29
2013 Brett Gardner 1.25
2012 Ian Desmond 1.23
2012 Erick Aybar 1.23
2012 Brandon Phillips 1.22
2013 Michael Bourn 1.21
2013 Josh Donaldson 1.2
2013 Alcides Escobar 1.17
2012 Dan Uggla 1.16
2012 Alberto Callaspo 1.16
2012 Yoenis Cespedes 1.15
2012 Garrett Jones 1.14
2014 Kyle Seager 1.14
2012 Joe Mauer 1.13
2012 Adam Jones 1.09
2013 Jacoby Ellsbury 1.09
2014 Justin Morneau 1.09
2012 Darwin Barney 1.08
2013 Jason Kipnis 1.07
2014 Denard Span 1.07
2014 Jayson Werth 1.05
2013 Salvador Perez 1.05
2012 Yadier Molina 1.04
2013 Chris Denorfia 0.96
2014 Nolan Arenado 0.95
2012 Carlos Pena 0.93
2013 Yadier Molina 0.92
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