19-17: Mariners slip one past Royals

Otto Greule Jr

Dustin Ackley and Justin Smoak go yard, Michael Saunders gets hurt, but the M's get the win on Saturday, 3-1.


Rainier: Chris Young (.351 WPA)

Old German: Brad Miller (-.086 WPA)

Chris Young is really something, you know? Mr 6'-11"-sign-the-release-clause-80-MPH-fastball-that-looks-mid-90's Chris Young. Chris Young pitching for the 19-17 Mariners while Randy Wolf wallows in the minor leagues Chris Young. Chris Young who was signed to fill a few starts before Taijuan Walker got healthy and now Chris Young who is a part of the Mariners rotation. Yes, that Chris Young.

Needless to say, the Mariners won today. Chris Young lasted eight full innings and only gave up three hits to a Kansas City club that started Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas and yes, that Chris Young. It's like when your mom made you eat some awful vegetables when you were a kid, and you hated every goddamn second of it. You wolfed down the asparagus or the cauliflower, or whatever it was, and you sent death glares across the table with each chew and swallow. But then guess what? Turns out you are actually healthy and have a good immune system despite eating the least sexy dinner over the past seven years, and now, despite all logic, you like vegetables. Chris Young, folks.

There was some good offense too, seeing James Jones snag two walks and Robinson Cano do a two-hit, one walk game like the All-Star he is. Justin Smoak and Dustin Ackley hit home runs to entice us all. Here's Smoak's, which left the ballpark before it hit his bat.:

Yes yes, don't believe it, the whole deal. Regardless, the Mariners won today behind performances like this, and they remain over .500. If the playoffs started today, the Mariners would be in it. This is good!

What's bad is that Michael Saunders injured himself yet again, after finally working his way into the lineup. It's a little reminicent of last season, when he hurt himself chasing a fly ball in the first home game of the year. It was the third inning, and Mike Moustakas was up to bat. He ripped a liner out into right field, and Saunders went to chase it down. Suddenly, his foot gave way and he tumbled face-first into the ground. The ball rolled away and Moustakas made his way to third, and ah yes, the Mariners outfield! Hurrah!

But yes, injury aside, the Mariners left with the W, and even Fernando Rodney got the close, his eleventh of the season. We've all been joking about the Fernando Rodney Experience lately, but he's tied for first in the AL in saves, and that's kind of wonderful. It may not last, but let's take it for what its worth.

Ultimately, it was a good win that we should take some satisfaction in. I turned to the awful Blazers game afterward and did not have the best evening. So I'll take the last moments of this brief recap to make myself feel a little better.

1. Fernando Rodney's official ESPN photo has the most epic TILT in the league:


2. Some fan apparently got hit in the nuts on a foul ball. I'll let Jesse take this one:

On review, lower abdomen, rolls towards beans, might make second impact in the zone. Can't make .gif, still image coming. - Jesse Knutson

Here's the photo. Please discuss:


3. Chris Young: Please explain.

Until tomorrow, friends.

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