Mariners lose rained out game that was imaginary

Rain killed baseball. - Elsa

Robinson Cano hits two grand slams but the Mariners lose to the Yankees in a game that didn't happen.

Tonight's scheduled game against the Yankees has been cancelled because it never rains in New York and the "planning" commission of New Yankee Stadium saw no need to build a retractable roof or translucent bio-dome or even a giant umbrella balloon because they would never need it.  Now we pay the price.

The game has been rescheduled for June:

Fortunately for the Mariners, this means that injured starting pitchers Hisashi Iwakuma, James Paxton and Taijuan Walker may be back by then.  Although it costs us a Roenis Elias start.  And we miss out on another round of sad boos from confused Yankees fans because there is a good chance they will have forgotten why they are booing by June.

In the fictional game that didn't happen, Roenis Elias struggled a little early giving up a couple runs but made it through 5 innings.  But he wasn't the story tonight.  Robinson Cano had the greatest single game in the history of baseball going 11-12 with 2 cycles and two grand slams.  He set the single game record for RBIs with 19.  And the grand slams weren't his only dingers as he had 2 inside the park home runs as well.  Along with his 5 stolen bases, Yankee fans were seething at the speed, hustle and determination displayed by their former beloved.

But to focus so much on a player from the losing team seems disingenuous, eventhough this is a Mariners internet site.  The Mariners bullpen gave up 29 runs in the final 4 innings and lost the game 31-27.  Of particular sadness with the bullpen was watching Fernando Rodney lose his damn mind and give up 17 runs.  His cap slid further and further to the left as his mental state eroded and after the 4th home run given up he started shooting ironic arrows into the crowd.  Then he sat down on the mound and took his shoes off and then one of his socks. 

Willie Bloomquist induced three long flyball outs to end the suffering in the bottom of the 8th and the fake game that was called off for rain was also called off for rain in the top of the 9th.

Looking for a place to chat tonight since there is no game and no game thread?  Well, what do you know, we have a place for that!  Feel free to join in the Off Topic conversation, or start a subthread of your own. 

There are other baseball games available to watch if you so choose and have or somesuch thing.  Will Oakland continue their dominance of the Texas Rangers?  Would you prefer to watch the Astros in interleague play against the Nats?  Royals, Cubs, Twins, the world is your oyster (If you pay the appropriate fees or break the appropriate laws.)

Don't want to watch baseball?  Join me for game 7 of the Kings/Sharks Stanley Cup playoff series.  The Kings were down 3-0 and have fought back and won 3 in a row to force game 7.  These teams hate each other and that hatred can only grow in a playoff elimination game.  If you've ever thought of getting into hockey, this is one of those perfect moments they describe in books about people meeting and falling instantly in love.

Tomorrow is was Felix Day against the same Yankees at 4:05 PDT, but now it may be Elias Day unless the game gets cancelled again because maybe the storms are still coming?  I don't know, check the weather.  You're clearly on some type of internet enabled device.

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