Retrospect: Mariners Drafts

The other day I was dreaming about what the Mariners would be like if they would have drafted Mike Trout instead of Dustin Ackley. Instead of the Mariners talking about Abraham Almonte leading off in center field, we might be talking about Robinson Cano providing protection for Trout. This got me wondering what other players we have passed over through the years.

Following is a list of top 100 players drafted in ESPN's fantasy baseball draft. I could have used other lists including ESPN's top 100 players, top 100 salaries, but I figured the ESPN fantasy baseball draft would give a list that took into account projected statistical impact.

Next to each player, in parentheses, is the Mariner that was either selected in front of the top 100 player, the player that was obtained in exchange for the Mariner draft pick, or the player that the Mainers obtained in exchange for the top 100 player. Players with no parentheses were either obtained by their team as international free agents or picked before the Mariners draft pick.

At number one, we see that the Mariners took Ackley over Trout. Andrew McCutchen has become a statistical monster while Jeff Clement is out of the league after slugging 14 career home runs. Paul Goldschmidt may not be a household name yet, but his 36 home runs and 125 RBI last year edge out Gilheeney's impact in spring training this year.

Who can blame the Mariners for taking can't miss prospect Brandon Morrow over Clayton Kershaw. I mean, that is pretty much a straight up comparison, isn't it? And then there is Nathan Adcock. We swapped this 5th rounder for Ian Snell and Jack Wilson when we could have had Chris Davis. I am not sure that I agree with Edwin Encarnacion as 10th fantasy baseball draft pick, but nonehteless, I am certain that he can hold a candle to Charlie Manning.

My other favorite pass overs include Jeff Clement over Jacoby Ellsbury, Troy Tulowitski, Ryan Braun, Ryan Zimmerman, among others. We also took Michael Garciappara over David Wright and Rich Poythress over Jason Kipnis.

The Little League can't miss prospect, Denny Almonte was chosen over Freddie Freeman, Giancarlo Stanton, and Jonathan Lucroy and GM brass passed over Joey Votto to snag John Mayberry.

1. Mike Trout (Dustin Ackley)
2. Miguel Cabrera - International free agent
3. Andrew McCutchen (Jeff Clement)
4. Paul Goldshmidt (James Gilheeney)
5. Clayton Kershaw (Brandon Morrow)
6. Chris Davis (Nathan Adcock)
7. Carlos Gonzalez -International free agent
8. Robinson Cano - International free agent
9. Adrian Beltre - International free agent
10. Edwin Encarnacion (Charlie Manning)
11. Jacoby Ellsbury (Jeff Clement)
12. Prince Fielder - 7th pick, Mariners 28th John Mayberry
13. Hanley Ramirez - International free agent
14. Troy Tulowitski (Jeff Clement)
15. Adam Jones (Traded for Erik Bedard)
16. Ryan Braun (Jeff Clement)
17. Yu Darvish - International free agent
18. Bryce Harper -1st overall pick, Mariners 43rd Taijuan Walker
19. Joey Votto (John Mayberry)
20. Evan Longoria - 3rd pick, Mariners 5th Brandon Morrow
21. Carlos Gomez - International free agent
22. David Wright (Michael Garciaparra)
23. Adam Wainwright (Forfeit pick for John Olerud)
24. Jason Kipnis (Rich Poythress)
25. Dustin Pedroia (Forfeit pick for Eddie Guardado)
26. Felix Hernandez - International free agent
27. Yasiel Puig - International free agent
28. Cliff Lee (Forfeit pick for Arthur Rhodes)
29. Max Scherzer (Brandon Morrow)
30. Ian Desmond (Forfeit pick for Raul Ibanez)
31. Freddie Freeman (Denny Almonte)
32. Stephen Strasburg 1st pick Mariners, 2nd Dustin Ackley
33. Giancarlo Stanton (Denny Almonte)
34. Buster Posey 5th pick, Mariners 20th Josh Fields
35. David Price 1st pick, Mariners 11th Phillippe Aumont
36. Ian Kinsler 9th pick, Mariners 19th Jason Snyder
37. Jose Reyes - International free agent
38. Craig Kimbrel (Dennis Raben)
39. Alex Rios (Ryan Christianson)
40. Chris Sale 13th pick, Mariners 43rd Taijuan Walker
41. Jose Bautista (Miguel Martinez)
42. Shin-Soo Choo (Traded for Ben Broussard)
43. Justin Verlander 2nd pick, Mariners forfeit later pick for Eddie Guardado
44. Madison Bumgarner.10th pick, Mariners 11th Phillippe Aumont
45. Justin Upton 1st pick, Mariners 3rd Jeff Clement
46. Jay Bruce (Jeff Clement)
47. Jose Fernandez (Danny Hultzen)
48. Albert Pujols (Justin Leone)
49. David Ortiz - International free agent
50. Yadier Molina 4th round, Mariners forfeit earlier pick for Eddie Guardado
51. Elvis Andrus - International free agent
52. Adrian Gonzalez 1st pick, Mariners forfeit later pick for John Olerud
53. Eric Hosmer 3rd pick, Mariners 20th Josh Fields
54. Zack Greinke 6th pick, Mariners 28th John Mayberry
55. Josh Donaldson 48th, Mariners 11th Phillippe Aumont
56. Kenley Jansen - International free agent
57. Matt Carpenter (Matthew Cerione)
58. Allen Craig (Steven Richard)
59. Brandon Phillips (Ryan Christianson)
60. Ryan Zimmerman (Jeff Clement)
61. Ben Zobrist (Jermaine Brock)
62. Joe Mauer 1st pick, Mariners forfeit later pick for Jeff Nelson
63. Yoenis Cespedes - International free agent
64. Anibal Sanchez - International free agent
65. Greg Holland (Aaron Brown)
66. Matt Holliday (Jake Weber)
67. Hunter Pence 23rd, Mariners forfeit later pick for Raul Ibanez
68. Matt Kemp (Eric O'Flaherty)
69. Masihiro Tanaka - International free agent
70. Jean Segura - International free agent
71. Carlos Santana - International free agent
72. Mark Trumbo (J.P. Arencibia)
73. Starling Marte - International free agent
74. Wil Myers (Kyle Seager)
75. Homer Bailey 7th, Mariners forfeit later pick for Eddie Guardado
76. James Shields (Jake Daubert)
77. Aroldis Chapman - International free agent
78. Matt Cain 25th, Mariners 27th John Mayberry
79. Starlin Castro - International free agent
80. Kyle Seager 82nd
81. Gio Gonzalez 38th, Mariners forfeit earlier pick for Eddie Guardado
82. Jason Heyward (Phillippe Aumont)
83. Carlos Beltran (Shane Monahan)
84. Jose Altuve - International free agent
85. Aramis Ramirez - International free agent
86. Jordan Zimmerman (Phillippe Aumont)
87. Pedro Alvarez 2nd, Mariners 20th Josh Fields
88. Mat Latos (Aaron Solomon)
89. Jayson Werth (Ryan Anderson)
90. Mike Minor (Dustin Ackley)
91. Jered Weaver 12th, Mariners forfeit later pick for Eddie Guardado
92. Shelby Miller (Dustin Ackley)
93. Josh Hamilton 1st, Mariners 11th Ryan Christianson
94. Trevor Rosenthal (Daniel Cooper)
95. Alex Gordon 2nd pick, Mariners 3rd Jeff Clement
96. Gerrit Cole 1st pick, Mariners 2nd Danny Hultzen
97. Joe Nathan (Karl Thompson)
98. Martin Prado - International free agent
99. Brian McCann (John Mayberry)
100. Jonathan Lucroy (Denny Almonte)

Source: ESPN and Baseball Reference

If we would have had a crystal ball, we could have fielded quite a starting lineup.

CF Mike Trout
LF Andrew McCutchen
1B Paul Goldschmidt
DH Chris Davis
RF Jacoby Ellsbury
SS Mike Tulowitski
3B David Wright
2B Jason Kipnis
C Yadier Molina

P Clayton Kershaw

Instead, here is the lineup that we would be able to field today. Of course, ignore the fact that most are not in the league.

2B Dustin Ackley
C Jeff Clement
CF John Mayberry
SS Michael Garciappara
1B John Olerud
LF Raul Ibanez
RF Denny Almonte
DH Rich Poythress
3B Justin Leone

P Brandon Morrow

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