The day I "met" a Mariner super-prospect.

So, on Sunday I went to Fan Fest with my wife and my four-year-old son. It is a great event, and I wish I'd shown up earlier to do even more.

But, onward to my brief story:

After waiting in line for about 20 minutes, we got to go onto the Safeco outfield (in shallow center) to play catch. We thew it around a bit, and my son was catching the few that I threw gently underhand. It was great. I've never been to Fan Fest, and never even been onto Safeco's field. It really was incredible.

So, my son grabbed a ball from his glove, reeled back, and chucked one. It flew off to the left (he throws and hits left-handed... MUWAHAHAHA!) and almost hit a very attractive young woman in black shiny stretch pants. Fortunately, it just missed her, and flew passed the black-shirted security guard, and the teenage-looking kid next to her.

The kid laughed, walked over, and picked it up. He then chucked the ball, not hard, just definitely not the underhand tosses I've been throwing to my son. He's only 4, but he made a really good attempt to catch it, being handcuffed just a little bit. It bounced off the top of his glove, just missed his face, and went behind him.

The kid watched, made sure my son was okay, and smiled, and kept walking. As he walked away, I noticed just how tall he was, and how skinny his legs were. And then my brain started working.

It probably took about 2 seconds, but felt like an eternity for me to realize what had just happened. My son had almost hit the MLBs best pitching prospects girlfriend (I'm assuming) in the face with a baseball, and as a result had gotten to (try to) play catch with Taijuan Walker! And I had no idea what was happening.

So there you have it. My son got to catch a ball thrown by a player that could very well be the next Mariner superstar, and he will probably never remember it. And I had the chance to say hello face to face with Taijuan Walker, and I was too worried about my son hitting cute women in tight pants in the face to realize it.

But if nothing else, I have a memory, and I can tell my son when he's older about the time he almost pissed off an entire city.

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