Seattle Mariners Community Mock MOD #2

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of activity recently. I got caught up in finals and graduation and kept pushing back this post until I realized there was no more time. For that I am sorry. On the other hand, this draft is Saturday so I must get everything together and ready to go.

We will be going 4 rounds in this community mock and in this span the Mariners hold picks 1.12 (12th), 2.10 (49), 3.12 (85), and 4.11 (117).

Starting at pick 12, there are a lot of places we could go. In the first MOD we compiled a pretty nice list. #1 to me was Renfroe, but I have a strong suspicion that the Mets will snag him directly before us. As it stands, I imagine the first 11 picks will play out in an order that resembles something along these lines:























Kansas City









New York


I should say that I am very likely to be wrong on this, but these are the impressions I have gained through this process. I am disappointed in missing out on Renfroe as he is my ideal pick but there are some interesting guys to look at with this template in mind.

D.J. Peterson - 3B - Probably my number one option after Renfroe, Peterson has a track record of success and has very good power. Some have doubted his hit tool but I don't see it as much of an issue. Position may be in question but I think he can fit in places that are not just 1B.

Austin Wilson - OF - It is tough to get a good read on Wilson as he has been injured and attended Stanford and my carry the "Stanford swing" with him. Personally, I feel like he good enough tools and that playing at Stanford may have helped him overcome the issues he had in high school (worries about hit tool) and lead him to be a better player down the road.

J.P. Crawford - SS - I don't see it happening but the value could be right to take Crawford here. JY mentioned in a previous MOD that the reports make him sounds a bit similar to current farmhand, Brad Miller, and I can see the resemblance. Personally, I don't see the pick.

Reese McGuire - C - Another pick I don't see happening, McGuire comes from home turf. This may seem like a reason to draft him but considering the fact the Mariners have not shown a propensity for home talent, I don't think it plays to his advantage. Throw in the fact that the Mariners boast some of the best caching talent in baseball throughout their minor system, I am not seeing the logic work with this pick.

Pitchers - There are a few pitchers we could see here. Stanek & Manaea are the main two. Neither has fared well this year after appearing at the top of many lists early this year and with the possible injury to Manaea I don't see him being the pick. Stanek is a possibility and I like his overall size. The pprevious Mariners' connection probably won't hurt him either. That being said, I would be much more likely to pick Shipley if he managed to fall to us.

As of right now, I am hoping either Renfroe or one of the two Georgia high school OF prospects fall to us. Smith is another guy I like if he falls. After that my first option would likely be Peterson but I am want input on all of these names.

Pick 49

Rowdy Tellez - 1B - In the past MOD, Rowdy received a lot of attention in this slot and even possibly for pick 12. I tend to think he is more likely to be available at pick 85 than picked in the top half of the 1st round. I believe in the power but I am not a fan of the swing length. Personally, I feel like he falls in the range between our 2nd and 3rd round pick but the power potential, lack of first basemen, and our scouting presence in his area may draw me to pick him at 49.

Dustin Peterson - SS - I list him as a SS although I feel he will most likely have to move off the position fairly soon. The brother of D.J., the high school kid has a smooth swing and good power potential

Eric Jagielo - 3B - Extremely high chance he is unavailable but he is a guy I like a lot. His emergence this year was very real and I think he has a future as a very steady power producer throughout his career.

Ryan Boldt - OF - His surgery may allow him to be available at this point. Consistently connects and squares up the ball and he power should be at least average.

Kent Emanuel - P - A college LH, I have been a fan of his since watching him pitch at UNC last year. He may not have amazing potential but I feel strongly that he will be a solid major league pitcher.

Marco Gonzales - P - A second college lefty, this time out of Gonzaga, Gonzales has seen a solid rise up draft boards and could very well be a first round selection. Shows a lot of polish and knows what to do with his pitches.

Dustin Driver - P - Straight from Wenatchee, Driver has the build a traditional scout would look for and a solid fastball. The other pitches are coming around. Had some play as a 1st round pick but I am willing to bet he is available at our pick.

Matt McPhearson - OF - No matter the sport, speed plays. This kid has a lot of it. Comps range from Ben Revere to Billy Hamilton. Either way, the speed alone makes him interesting. Luckily for him, I don't mind the bat either. I think he will hit enough to at least make a difference with his speed. He could go anywhere from the 2nd to the 3rd. Honestly, he is more of a 3rd round target for me.

Tyler O'Neil - C - Seems like any young Canadian prospect will receive some Lawrie comps but for O'Neil it makes some sense. His bat is quick and his position is unknown. I personally like him a lot and he is athletic enough to play many positions

3rd & 4th Round

Honestly, there are too many names right now to throw out information about a lot of them so I'll spare you that for now. I do like the Marcus Davis suggestion and he is definitely in consideration. Also of note, I am extremely high on Zack Collins out of Florida. May have outgrown the catcher position at 6'5 225 but he was highly rated before the season and I really like his left handed stroke. I personally have him rated above Tellez as a 1B prospect and would be willing to take him in the 2nd and not look back but I believe he will be available later.

All debate and suggestions are greatly valued, especially as there are so many names out there this year that seem to be in the same range. Personally, I am pulled towards power but I like to see a hit tool tied to that power. I'll be around a lot in the next couple days so post early and often.

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