OFF/ON-TOPIC: Mariners & Other Things

With the other thread nearing the 1000-comment threshold (is that still a proper threshold in the new SBN?) it's time to create a new forum for discussions that venture out of the realm of baseball. But alas, what about that "baseball" we speak of and the Mariners?

I feel so disengaged this season, with all the changes at LL and also not being able to see any of the games, everything's just a bit different with the community and I can't get a sense of how the fanbase feels about this season so far. I don't watch the games, I just see the numbers, and so how do I feel? I feel pretty good about the M's so far! I really don't know if this is public opinion or not, but I could also be riding the wave of a little hot streak that they've got going and now sitting at 13-17.

That would put them on pace for a 70-92 season, so a step back from their 75-87 record last year, but given certain factors I don't think that they look like a 70-win team to me:

- We wanted a player that could hit dingers but not do other things so badly that it didn't matter. Mike Morse is on pace for about 50 dingers.

- I was concerned about Kyle Seager going into the season, just worried that he couldn't repeat, but he's putting up better numbers across the board. Having a young player that actually has TWO good seasons in a row? INCONCEIVABLE!

- Michael Saunders too! 0.9 WAR in 12 games

- Jason Bay doesn't suck!

- Felix has competition for the Cy Young and his name is Hisashi.

- Sometimes Brandon Maurer is good.

- A hitting prospect! A hitting prospect! Everybody rejoice that Nick Franklin (.377/.500/.565) is "that guy" right now. And I don't mean for the Mariners, I mean around baseball.

So given that the Mariners have some very good relief prospects, I think that a player like Blake Beavan could be replaced. I think that there's hope that around the end of June, a pitcher like Erasmo or Hultzen could replace Saunders or Harang... or both! There seem to be flaws that are correctable within the system this year, and I think a .500 record is well within reach. I mean, of course it is after 30 games, but I like how we're doing. That's my .2.


- How are you feeling after 30 games?

- What's the best "experimental" album of all time?

- Is Nick Franklin where he is supposed to be?

- What's your most unpopular movie opinion?

- What player do you expect to turn it around, for better AND for worse?

- Any exciting summer plans you want to share with the group?

Those are just a few prompts for you to enjoy. Sorry for the lengthy intro. Hey, you only have to read it once!

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