Nick Franklin for Oscar Taveras swap?

I have never written a post on any internet site ever before in my life, but as a big fan of baseball and all things Mariners, I finally thought I'd take a stab at it. Bear with me please.

It seems that the Mariners are in an envious position with all of the organizational depth at SS/2B from low-A all the way to AAA right now (Franklin, Romero, Triunfel, Miller, Taylor). In my opinion, Jack Z has really done a fantastic job with our minor league system. Unlike the NFL and the NBA, an MLB GM has a more difficult task at hand in terms of player development and preaching patience with a fanbase. The Seahawks drafted numerous players in 2012 who made significant contributions in their first season (namely Russell Wilson)! Whereas the Mariners six 1st round picks dating back to 2009 have only given us Dustin Ackley on the 25 man roster.

Patience. With a franchise struggling as the Mariners have the past decade, patience is still the key.

Ok, Brendan Ryan is like Gandolph the wizard with his glove. I imagine him actually saying as a ball is hit his way, "You shall not pass!" That would be awesome! But with a bat in his hands he has tortured us with strikeouts and weak double play grounders for the better part of two seasons. So we should bring up Nick Franklin then right? While I immediately admit to having no talent evaluation skills, everything I've heard and read about Franklin's defense is that he has no future as a SS in MLB. 2B is held by Ackley, and 3B is held by Seager. Another bat without a position. Too bad the Mariners have to play defense, because it seems we are hoarding poor fielding DHs (Montero, Morales, Morse, Ibanez, Bay).

Here is my idea. Remember how excited the Yankees were to trade their hyped up prospect Montero to us, knowing he couldn't catch? Why can't we now do the same thing? Franklin is off to a torrid pace in AAA, his stock couldn't be any higher! He doesn't have a position to field on this club. But we sure could use an everyday CF like say Oscar Taveras! I won't get into stats and projections. Suffice it to say that Taveras is one of the best hitting prospects in baseball and he plays CF. I say we trade Franklin to STL for Taveras tonight. If we have to add additional low level developmental depth to the deal...DO IT! NOW!

The logic I use for this proposal goes something like this:

1. We have Brendan Ryan as a stop gap until Brad Miller is ready to take over SS.

2. I really don't like the platoon of Bay and Ibanez in LF. By acquiring Taveras, we can move Saunders to LF, put Taveras in CF and Morse stays in RF.

3. The Cardinals are desperate to get production at SS. They aren't quite as knowledgeable of Franklin's defensive liability as we are.

4. We don't have to keep hoping that Franklin Gutierez gets/stays healthy.

If anyone has read this far, I apologize for rambling on as much as I have. I love our team and wanted to share my opinion. Regardless of what happens, just stay patient with our club. I truly believe that Z has put us in a good position for the future.

Thanks for reading!

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