Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to mobiLLize

This community is currently in a state of flux. Our dear leader is gone. The new guys are doing their best but it's naturally going to take time for them to firmly establish their grip and maintain the best community on the internet.

In that vein, it's time to rally. What better way to re-affirm the solidarity of this community than in a good old fashioned polling contest? Some of LL's best- okay maybe not best but the strongest- days came in the wake of the Dave Cameron Scholarship and Blarch Badness.

The good people at Bluebird Banter have established a campaign. A marvelous campaign. The best campaign of all campaigns. They want to get our, and now their beloved Munenori Kawasaki written in as an All-Star.

With Derek Jeter and Erick Aybar on the fritz, this is as good a year as any for our beautiful little Mune to seize the day. Who actually should be the starting shortstop on the team this year? Elvis Andrus? Jed Lowrie? Fuck those guys. Our own guy, Brendan Ryan may be a glove wizard and a generally awesome dude, but he is no Kawasaki. Votes will likely be spread thin and wide, so this is doable.

We all know the All-Star Game is a joke anyway, so may as well start the shortstop the warms the hearts of fans more than any other player in the game today.

We owe this to Mune. He made 2012 bearable.

So, how can we actually make this possible, or at least possible enough to make a dent in the standings?

1. Quoting Bluebird Banter:

Fans would find that voting for Kawasaki is very easy. They can go to this link and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page (or, press "page down") where it says "Write-In." On the left where it says "Select Club", click and choose "Blue Jays", and where it says "Select Position", choose "Shortstop". Then, type in "Munenori" beside "First Name" and "Kawasaki" beside "Last Name", click "Continue", fill in the information in the next screen and click "Submit Your Vote".

Explaining about the voting process, the spokesperson said, "freedom-loving Munenori Kawasaki supporters won't need to type his name over and over, they can just keep entering the validation key and click 'Submit Your Vote' again and again for up to 25 times!"

You get 25 votes per email address. Do with that information as you will.

2. Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your countrymen! Ask them to lend you their ears and show them that Mune is amazing and worth five minutes.

3. Tell other websites! Everybody loves Mune, and if they don't love Mune they will once they see a Mune GIF or two.

4. I think the best way to succeed is to make the push early to get some PR behind it, and then the votes will come dumping in. We want to be in the standings when MLB releases their first polling update.

@WriteInKawasaki is our primary point of contact on this.

With the help of us, the great nation of Canada, and the internet's capacity to make things happen, we can do this. We will do this.


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