Armchair GM

Simply put, all us fans think we know better than the actual professionals. Maybe thats true; I don't really know. This is something that I've been thinking about for a while and after last nights game have finally found the motivation to actually write it up. The question I want to ask is: What would you do if given the GM job today (with the current roster) and told by ownership to do whatever you had to do to fix this team, both for this season and for the future.

This is what I would do...

Starting Rotation:

Felix, Iwakuma, Saunders, Maurer, Harang

Until Erasmo or Hultzen et al is ready to come up this stays the same.


Wilhelmsen, Perez, Capps, Furbush, Beavan, Medina, Noesi

Again this stays the same until Pryor comes back. We don't have much depth here so eventually looking outside the organization might be needed but its the bullpen and bullpens are fungible.

Lineup: This is where the real changes are coming.

Catcher: Montero really needs to figure out his bat so that we can trade him for something. We all know he simply doesn't have a place on this team anymore once Zunino comes up so I would send him down to AA. Yep, thats right AA. The reason being that we want him to play everyday, catching often enough to either improve as a catcher or so that we could still be able to convince another team that he can play the position. I would leave him in AA until he dominates the pitching there, reestablishing his confidence, and maybe even improving his skills. When Zunino is ready to come up, probably around the All-Star break, Montero can move up to AAA.

So with Montero moving down to AA. Shoppach becomes the starter with Sucre as his backup until Zunino is ready.

1B: I still have faith in Smoak, or at least hope, but he probably needs to gain some confidence in the new approach he developed over the off season. Therefore, I would send him down to AAA until he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is ready to come back up. In the mean time Morales can man first with Morse filling in when Kendrys needs a day off.

2B: I would stick with Ackley for at least a couple months. For one reason he seems to be coming around again. (Hard hit double at the end last night and just hit another good line drive today) For another reason I do think that a lot of his struggles this year have simply been bad BABIP luck. We also just don't have anybody better right now. If he hasn't gotten any better in a few months I would start looking to send him down to AAA.

SS: Ryan is fine until Miller (who I really like) is ready.

3B: Seager. No need to change.

CF: Guti. Until Saunders comes back I would have Guti play nearly everyday. I know he's likely to get hurt but hopefully Saunders will be back soon to help out.

RF: Morse. Until Saunders gets back.

LF: I would attempt to claim Casper and get him back here. (from here on out I'm going to assume we are successful in claiming him off waivers and he takes Smoak's roster spot) Until Saunders comes back Bay and Casper can split left field with one of them hopefully taking the job outright by the time Saunders returns.

DH: When Saunders gets back I would move Morse here. Until then Bay and Ibanez and platoon at DH with Casper playing left when Bay DH's. Ibanez would also never see the field again. I would even try to hold a special promotion night where we burn his glove on the field right before first pitch.


Sucre, Ibanez, Andino, Chavez. (Chavez leaves when Saunders comes back.) If Casper shows enough to take the left field job and Bay doesn't prove worth keeping I would dump him and try to bring in another backup infielder. If neither Bay nor Casper prove they deserve the job Morse would take left and a new DH brought in. (Either from tacoma or outside the organization. Hopefully, Smoak fixes himself within a few months and can come back up moving Morales back to DH with Bay hitting the road.

I feel like these changes are not only in the best interests of the team but would also make the team a little more watchable in the present. Not having to watch Montero, or Smoak to a lesser extent, run would be a huge improvement in itself. Wedge would also be hitting the highway as soon as a adequate replacement was found. Until then he would be instructed on how to manage the team and be kept on a very short leash.

Well there you have it. My first FanPost, hopefully you all find it worth reading. If anything it helped me figure out my thoughts on this team.

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