Why Jack Zduriencik Has Helped Seattle

Many people out there seem to think Jack Zduriencik has only made the situation for the struggling Mariners worse. However it just takes looking at previous years lineups and some common sense to realize this organization is in a much better place than in 2009 when he first walked in.

2009 (85-77)

1. Endy Chavez - LF

2. Franklin Gutierrez - CF

3. Mike Sweeney - DH

4. Adrian Beltre - 3B

5. Ken Griffey Jr - RF

6. Jose Lopez - 2B

7. Russel Branyan - 1B

8. Kenji Johjima - C

9. Yuniesky Bentancourt - SS

Most of what was there was left by previous GM Bill Bavasi. Seattle surprised everybody by winning 85 games. But still that lineup is not very attractive.

2010 (61-101)

1. Ichiro Suzuki - RF

2. Chone Figgins - 2B

3. Casey Kotchman - 1B

4. Milton Bradley - LF

5. Ken Griffey Jr. - DH

6. Jose Lopez - 3B

7. Franklin Gutierrez - CF

8. Rob Johnson - C

9. Jack Wilson - SS

This was Jack's first year with total control over the team. Large subtraction by way of Adrian Beltre gave the lineup 0 homerun threat. However everybody was excited after winning 85 games and with additions of Chone Figgins and Cliff Lee many thought Seattle would be a playoff team. 61 wins later and people retraced their steps trying to find all records of them predicting the Mariners as playoff team in order to avoid embarrassment.

2011 (67-95)

1. Ichiro Suzuki - RF

2. Chone Figgins - 3B

3, Milton Bradley - LF

4. Jack Cust - DH

5. Justin Smoak - 1B

6. Miguel Olivo - C

7. Ryan Langerhans - CF

8. Brendan Ryan - SS

9. Jack Wilson - 2B

Another atrocious lineup. Bradley and Cust at 3/4? Not very appealing. Again, most of this is not Z's fault. He was just trying to cleanup the mess left by Bavasi. This is about the time when he started gathering prospects looking towards the future, and when front runner fans stopped watching.

2012 (75-87)

1, Chone Figgins - 3B

2. Dustin Ackley - 2B

3. Ichiro Suzuki - RF

4. Justin Smoak - 1B

5. Jesus Montero - DH

6. Mike Carp - LF

7. Miguel Olivo - C

8. Michael Saunders - CF

9. Brendan Ryan - SS

This lineup is the start of the "New Generation" of Mariner lineups, Smoak, Ackley, Montero, Saunders all still around. However, this isn't exactly the 1927 Yankees. The first batch of prospects have started to come up and we got out first look at what the future might be. Since then, Seattle has cut its ties with Carp, Olivo, Ichiro, and Figgins.

2013 Projected Lineup

1. Dustin Ackley - 2B

2. Franklin Gutierrez - CF

3. Kyle Seager - 3B

4. Michael Morse - LF

5. Kendrys Morales - DH

6. Jesus Montero - C

7. Justin Smoak - 1B

8. Michael Saunders - RF

9. Brendan Ryan - SS

Still not a finished product, but the Mariners look 100 times better than last year, and 1000 times better than 2009-2011. For those naysayers who think Jack Zduriencik isn't doing a good job, just look at the proof in the lineup cards. Seager, Morse, Morales is much more fierce than Kotchman, Bradley, and a 40-year old Ken Griffey Jr. And the lineup will only improve with arrivals of prospects Nick Franklin, Brad Miller, Mike Zunino, and Julio Morban. The offense (or lack of it) that once plagued the Mariners could soon become a strength.

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