Dominating the Marine Layer: Most Career HRs in Safeco Field

Around the time the Mariners announced their plans to bring in the fences, I started thinking about the history of home runs in Safeco Field. Everyone knows that it has NOT been easy to hit dingers at Safeco during its first thirteen and a half seasons of existence, but I wanted to find out which players have had the most success during that time, in terms of the total career number of home runs hit at The Safe.

The first player that came to my mind was actually Vlad Guerrero, which is a little bit sad. His home runs in Safeco have probably stuck in my mind a bit more firmly than others due to their incredible distance. To this day, I can picture the three longest home runs I’ve seen in Safeco, and one of them was a Vlad-shot into the top three of four rows of the left-field bleachers. (FYI – I’m also remembering a Russell Branyan monster hit to CF in 2009 and a Jesus Montero HR last year against the Orioles, I believe).

Another reason it was difficult for me to guess who might be at the top of this list was that the M’s haven’t had the same kind of dominant sluggers they had during the ‘90s. Before my research, I probably could have told you the top 5 Kingdome HR-hitters more easily than the top 5 Safeco Field HR-hitters. But you probably have some good guesses as to who is at the top of this list, just like I did. Let’s take a look at the TOP 25!

Rank Player Home Runs Bats Team Current Status
25 David Bell 13 Right Mariners Retired
24 Vladimir Guerrero 13 Right Angels Retired
23 Justin Smoak 14 Switch Mariners Mariners
22 Michael Saunders 14 Left Mariners Mariners
21 Carlos Guillen 14 Right Mariners Retired
20 Garret Anderson 14 Left A's/Angels Retired
19 Franklin Gutierrez 15 Right Mariners Mariners
18 Mark Teixeira 15 Switch Rangers Yankees
17 Jose Guillen 15 Right Mariners Retired
16 Eric Chavez 15 Left Athletics D-Backs
15 Rafael Palmeiro 17 Left Rangers Retired
14 Kenji Johjima 20 Right Mariners Retired
13 Russell Branyan 23 Left Mariners Free Agent
12 Miguel Olivo 24 Right Mariners Minors
11 Ken Griffey Jr. 29 Left Mariners Retired
10 Mike Cameron 30 Right Mariners Retired
9 Jose Lopez 38 Right Mariners Yomiuri
8 Alex Rodriguez 39 Right M's/Yankees Yankees
7 John Olerud 42 Left Mariners Retired
6 Adrian Beltre 53 Right Mariners Rangers
5 Ichiro 53 Left Mariners Yankees
4 Edgar Martinez 54 Right Mariners Retired
3 Richie Sexson 55 Right Mariners Retired
2 Bret Boone 62 Right Mariners Retired
1 Raul Ibanez 66 Left Mariners Mariners

That’s right. It’s Rauuuuuul!

Let me just leave you with one more fact.

Raul Ibanez has more home runs in Safeco Field than all other current Mariners combined. Bam.



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