A Non-Statistical Approach to Fixing the 2014 Mariners.

Throw out the numbers. The defense. The dingers. Disregard the coaching and the questionable decision making of a questionable GM and an even more questionable ownership group. Simply clear your head…you might need to take a few deep breaths. Here let’s do it together…1…breath...2…breath...3…breath. Good. Let's do this.

Projected 2014 Depth Chart

C Zunnino

1st Smoak/Ackley

2nd Franklin/Ackley/Miller

SS Miller/Franklin

3rd Seager/Miller

OF Saunders/Ackley/Almonte/Guti

DH Unknown

SP Fexlix, Iwakuma, Walker, Paxton, Erasmo

RP D. Farquhar (CL), Medina, C. Capps, C. Furbush, T. Wilhelmsen, S. Pryor

That’s 20/25 players for our 2014 opening day roster. There are some holes. I’m not going to include Maurer, C. Truinfel, E. Chavez, O. Perez, L. Luetge, H. Noesi, C. Ruffin, B. LaFromboise. Those guys have either been horrible, need time in the minors, or need to be released.

So 20/25……Lets fill those 5 spots.

21. Kendrys Morales 2yrs/$24M Despite his defensive inabilities and lack of speed he’s a solid bat. He seemed to fit in Seattle. I also believe he can at least put up those same identical numbers. Now if the M’s resign Ibanez then I would rethink this decision.

22. Jacoby Ellsbury. 5yrs/$100M is a risk for a 31yr old player whose game is based on speed. Ultimately, we need a solid defensive OF who can be a spark plug for our offense and instead of me babbling about potential trades for other star OF’s like Carlos Gonzales or Mike Stanton I’m just going to go with signing Jacoby. Shin Soo Choo would probably cost less and his game is less about speed and more about OBP. Take your pick.

23. Kurt Suzuki. 1yr/$3M We need another catcher to take some pressure off of Zunino. Suzuki is only 30 he hits both left and right handers (neither very well but better than most of the other FA options such as Sotto, Navarro, Buck, etc.)

24. Josh Johnson OR Dan Haren 1yr/$10M I’m tempted to chase after a younger pitcher with less health issues such as Ubaldo Jimenez, Tim Lincecum or Matt Garza. However, they will command a lot more money and years. With Iwakuma(32) entering a contract year and the M’s having several other question marks in their SP. Simply put I don’t feel like gambling on inconsistent pitchers such as those no matter the upside. Not to mention if we are horrible again this season I believe we enter full rebuild mode with a new GM and that’s one less contract to deal with.

This is where things get dicey. I don’t like our infield depth at the major league OR minor league level. 162 games in a season and someone is going to get hurt. Though I really like our bullpen it could use 1 maybe 2 additional arms. Once you take all of this into consideration it’s easy to see that there is no one player that can address all of these issues with our final roster spot. As a result, I am going to suggest a trade.

25. Trade Dustin Ackley/Brandon Maurer to the Diamondbacks for Martin Prado (29yrs old). They might want more or less. There might be other small pieces involved. As long as things don’t get out of hand I would pull the trigger on a trade for Prado. He can play anywhere on the field and would fill a super utility role for us.

Roughly $45M total spending.

Much Improved 2014 Seattle Mariners Depth Chart

C Zunnino/Kurt Suzuki

1st Smoak/Morales

2nd Franklin/Prado/Miller

SS Miller/Franklin/Prado

3rd Seager/Prado/Miller

LF Saunders/Ellsbury/Prado Alternates: Almonte/Guti

DH Morales

SP Fexlix, Iwakuma, Josh Johnson, Walker, Paxto/ Erasmo

RP D. Farquhar (CL), Medina, C. Capps, C. Furbush, T. Wilhelmsen, S. Pryor
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