Silliness comes when you Rosterbate with Felix

I was pouring through articles on ESPN, and I ran across this gem.

Basically the idea is an old one, trade Felix now, reap the benefits of a team trying to get 2 guaranteed years of a top 5 pitcher in baseball. Noone around here likes this because of already discussed reasons, but I just want to ponder the proposed haul Felix would get from the example team, the St. Louis Cardinals

Copy/paste from the article

  • Outfielder Oscar Taveras, Keith Law’s No. 8 midseason prospect, is a 20-year-old hitting .332/.381/.593 in Double-A with just 46 strikeouts in 334 at-bats. As Keith wrote, "His bat still profiles as star caliber in right."
  • The Cardinals don’t have room for Matt Adams with Lance Berkman and Allen Craig. Adams is a 23-year-old lefty masher hitting .362/.390/.684 with 14 home runs in 174 at-bats at Triple-A Memphis (although just .244/.286/.384 in 27 games with the Cards). Alternatively, include Craig -- hitting .296/.364/.577 with the Cardinals -- instead of Adams.
  • Shelby Miller was one of the top pitching prospects entering the season but has struggled in Triple-A. Keith still ranked him No. 17 overall on his update. Take a chance on that arm.
  • Tyrell Jenkins is another power righty with big upside, a guy who just missed Keith’s top 50 list. OK, maybe that's getting a little greedy.

First off, let me say if the Cardinals did this, taking into account how much I love Felix Hernandez, would be making a crazy choice. 2 top 20 prospects, a choice of either a masher 1B with a crazy slash line in AAA, or a young everday starter on thier big league team..... oh and lets throw in a near top 50 prospect too. So in total (according to BA), we get these prospects from the Cardinals farm system based on team rankings

1,3,6,9 (or decent everyday starter on World Championship team)

Thats 4 of thier top 10... insane, has that ever been done... well by many, the biggest trade came in 2007 with the Mark Teixera trade from Texas to Atlanta. In that trade, Atlanta gave up...

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, c -- 1

Elvis Andrus, ss -- 2

Matt Harrison, lhp -- 3

Neftali Feliz, rhp

Beau Jones

If you dont see that, that is Atlanta's top3 prospects according to BA 2007 Rankings... and Neftali Feliz... pretty big haul. Here is the interesting part, That was for 3 months of Teixera (he was at the end of a contract and had a year of Arbitration at the end of the season). It could be argued that 2 years of Felix is more valuable than 3 months of Teixera, but that is not my place..

Anyway, I think the entire idea ludicris, but if John Mozeliak called with that deal... Man I dont know..

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