OT: Breaking Bad and Other Drugs

There was once a time when an OT would fall of the front page and a new one would immediately go up. (Actually, there was ONCE a time when an OT would fill to 1,000+ comments in two days over and over.) What happened? Did we get lives? Jobs? Wives and husbands?

Don't gimme that crap!

There is still plenty to discuss within the community that is unrelated to the Mariners. In fact, the Mariners have the most losses in the American League (again) as of this writing. So we should distract ourselves until the young bats start to be consistent "veteran" bats and the young pitching is ready to contribute. (Danny Hultzen scoreless innings streak y'all!)

Look at that, I am still talking on-topic!

The teaser trailer for the new season of Breaking Bad is out! Walt has now just gotten to the point of metaphorically bitch slapping his enemies. I am trying to make this as non-spoiler as possible in case you're still trying to catch up. Just think for a moment on how these characters have changed from season one to today. Think about how they've changed from the beginning of last season to today! Not only that, think about how YOUR FEELINGS towards those characters have changed over the years. It's potentially the best writing in the history in television. So... prompt...

Who is the best character on television today? Ever?

Is Breaking Bad the best show on television? As a reminder that this is the final season, Aaron Paul is in talks to star in a new HBO Cold War drama.

I am running a "Best TV Channel Tournament" on another site, and curious what you think. Of all the channels on television, who has the best lineup RIGHT NOW? Not ever, who has the best overall programming right now? It's interesting because while a network can boast 50-some-odd shows, AMC can say "Hey idiots, we have the two best shows on television plus The Walking Dead and some other stuff" and they might be right. HBO can say that they have Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, etc. FX has Louie, Sunny, Wilfred, Justified.... Which channel has the best programming?

If you are not a television person or a Breaking Bad person, do not fret. Prompt opportunities (promptortunities) are everywhere!

Talk about beer, food, love, life, laughter, and all that is under the sun! Just remember... stay off-topic, my friends.

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