Mariners Seek Revenge Against Indians

MARINERS (16-22) Δ Ms INDIANS (20-16) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -33.1 (29th) -7.9 0.1 (11th) Cleveland
FIELDING 18.0 (2nd) 1.6 9.6 (9th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 9.8 (11th) -3.1 -5.2 (22nd) Seattle
BULLPEN (tRA) -8.3 (27th) 0.6 -4.0 (23rd) Cleveland
OVERALL(RAA) -13.6 (20th) -8.8 0.5 (15th) CLEVELAND

The Mariners hosted the Indians back in April and faced Josh Tomlin, Justin Masterson and Derek Lowe in what ended up being a very frsutrating series. Remember the big blown lead? Remember the late blown lead? Yeah, the Indians. Hate the Indians.

Or not. Honestly, the Mariners absolutely pathetically anemic offensive performance in Boston against the Red Sox has left me with an overwhelming ennui that makes feigning emotion about this midweek series difficult. Get hits, Mariners. Just get hits.

Wed 16 May 16:05


It's been a disastrous start of the season for Ubaldo Jimenez. He's been a well above average starting pitcher every season in the Majors, but in 2012, Jimenez has put 31 men on base unintentionally and struck out only 24. He's gone from a swinging strike rate in the mid-9s to the high-7s last year to the high-5s this year. That's a missed bat rate lower than Blake Beavan, for reference. Appreciate Felix Hernandez. Take an extra moment right now and reflect on Felix. Maybe even write him a little fan note and mail it to him. Why not?

Thu 17 May 09:05


A batter of former Yankee farmhands! Originally a New York draft pick (third round, 2006), Zach McAllister was sent to the Indians as a player to be named later in return for Austin Kearns in 2010. Austin Kearns the Yankee posted a .668 OPS in 119 trips to the plate and then left to free agency and returned to Cleveland, where he was even more terrible. Meanwhile, McAllister, who was in Triple-A at the time of his trade, took a step forward in getting strikeouts in 2011 and then took another one so far in 2012.

Series Beer: Sierra Nevada Hoptimum
Yeah, it's an imperial IPA. Yes it bangs the IBU scale at 100. But I didn't find this to be a one-dimension bitter taste. Hops are a big part of the flavor, but it didn't overpower everything. That might just be my own personal reception though, so perhaps proceed with caution if you're not normally an IPA fan.

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