Felix Baseball-Reference Page

(Update at the bottom)

Just a short note from your local now-mostly-lurker Faux. As some of you know, a number of us as a group own the baseball reference page for Felix. (Link) This was up for expiration on the 27th.

I was considering doing the fund drive thing and letting it expire if I didn't get enough pledges, but I realized I couldn't give it up that easily.

Therefore I already renewed it, keeping the text and the link the same for now. However, I'm going to ask for donations towards the costs. The renewal rate is 220$, and anyone that wants to help this noble cause feel free to send me whatever amount you'd like via PayPal to (or the email in my profile, both go to the same bucket).

If there's sufficient interest in changing the text or link from this year's stakeholders, I'll put it up to vote. Feel free to put any ideas in the comments.

Likewise, if anyone has any other ideas on players to buy, let it be known in the comments and we can hash that all out.

I'll keep a running tab of donations up here - if for some reason we go over, we'll figure out who else we want or we'll do a beer drive for our illustrious leaders.

Note - Please give your username and something to designate that it's going to the Felix page somehow in your donation, so I know who and what to give credit for.

quacker27 - 10$
Joof - 10$
Eyeball Kid - 10$
SeattleExPat - 20$
Floyd Gondoli - 20$
Trans# XX7026 (I think Aussie Mariner?) - 10$
Trans# XX363D (I think thehemogoblin?) - 10$
BurlesonBlue - 5$
appleshampoo - 15$
scottg02 - 5$
Jeremy Galton - 10$
Kermit - 20$
greektrumpeter - 5$

Myself for 25$+

Total Contributions - 175$/220$


I'd like take a second before this slips off the rec list to just thank all of you for helping keep that ad in the LL family. I wasn't sure if there would be any interest in maintaining - as opposed to getting in the first place - our symbol of ownership in the man we all adore so much, for everything he's said and done for the fans and organization here. I'm genuinely thankful to everyone that pitched in.

Not that I'll stop taking your money and all if you want to send me some, but I'm very happy with the turnout I got considering that the renewal was processed before I even posted about it. So consider the fund drive closed as this falls down the sidebar.


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