Two Stanza Mariner Baseball Poem

I have been following LL for a couple years now, and this is the first time I have posted something in the Fan Post section. Anyways, for my History of Baseball class we were asked to write a poem that was two stanzas in length that dealt with anything Baseball. I have not written a poem since my heydays of elementary school, and its pretty obvious I'm no second coming of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe. However, given the topic in which I wrote it (Mariners of course), I thought I would share with all of you.

The Pilots packed their bags and were out quicker than they could fall,
It would be 7 years before an ump would holler the words "Play Ball!".
April 6th, 1977 was an unforgettable day,
The vast realization that this new team was here to stay.
Seattle Mariners would be the name,
But for 18 years they were put to shame.
Fans were not fond of the losing ways, and with every loss patience grew thinner.
It was obvious, the Mariners were in need of a Winner.
A drastic change would provide the storybook beginning of this new-era novella,
The man we needed was Lou Piniella.
Known for his demeanor and sharp reason,
‘Sweet Lou' would lead the charge of that 95' season.

Dave Niehaus and his voice scintillated the play-by-play call,
With that man broadcasting, could anything go wrong at all?
Griffey, Edgar, and Randy, the consistent providers of entertainment and skill,
Seattle was buzzing throughout Capitol Hill.
The men in pin stripes came to the Kingdome expecting to be treated like royalty,
Only to encounter the brute force of Seattle Mariner fan loyalty.
The emerald city rallied behind the Navy Blue and Northwest Green,
Let me tell you, it was a beautiful scene.
The series would make it all the way to game five,
Would the Mariners of the past show up, or would they look to thrive?
Griffey on first, and Edgar at the plate,
It seemed as if though this was apart of their fate.
A line drive down the left field line, Griffey ran harder than ever before,
Niehaus capturing a moment Seattle will forever adore.
‘My Oh My' resonated throughout the Kingdome walls to all the spectator amuse,
The 95' season, Mariners refused to lose.

Unfortunately, as we all know, it were those damn Cleveland Indians who would end a memorable run. Mariners version of redemption tonight, though. Happy King Felix Day!

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