Neoterically Extant Roster Discourse Thread III

Welcome to the Jeff Sullivan's Sanity Memorial FanPost for Roster Discussion Memorial FanPost for Roster Discussion, or NERD Thread III for short. (RIP old thread :<)

This is the third part of the ongoing thread for all 2012-2013 offseason roster discussion. It's an all-purpose thread for consolidating rumors, trade proposals and free agent suggestions. If you're going to rosterbate, please keep it in here for the sake of all of the other threads. If you find a rumor on Twitter or whatever other site, but it hasn't yet received its own individual post by Jeff or Matthew, you can discuss it here.

For each of the first two threads I wrote up my own Offseason Plan, but since my Offseason Plan hasn't changed since the last one I posted there's no reason to do that again. Instead, as a conversation-starter, here is the list of player types that I think the Mariners should pursue this offseason and what I might be willing to give up to get each player type. In order of my prioritization:

1. A corner outfielder who can hit for >120 wRC+
  • bonus for right handed
  • bonus for positional flexibility with 1B or 3B
  • bonus for defensively capable
  • willing to give: lots of money, up to 2 #1-5 prospects, as many other prospects as necessary
2. LHB platoon partner for Wells
  • bonus for offense as primary source of value
  • willing to give: roster surplus, relievers, up to 2 #6-10 prospects
3. A starting pitcher with #2-#3 upside
  • bonus for left handed
  • bonus for no recent injury history
  • willing to give: considerable amounts of money
4. RHB platoon partner for Jaso
  • bonus for inability to hit RHP
  • bonus for good catching defense
  • willing to give: basically nothing, must be super cheap
5. Outfield hitting prospects
  • bonus for young
  • bonus for left-handed
  • willing to give: #10-20 prospects, roster surplus, relievers

Other discussion prompts:

Thoughts on the Justin Upton rumors? Who might the involved parties in the rumored 4-way trade be? Do you even want Justin Upton?

Thoughts on the various secondary OF rumors? Do you want to see the return of Raul Ibanez? What would you give for Garrett Jones? Is Mike Morse interesting? Do you have any other favorite trade targets?

Thoughts on the free agent market? Does Shane Victorino's payday affect the Mariners? Whence these Michael Bourn rumors? Is getting Josh Hamilton actually possible?

Thoughts on Divish's suggestion that the Mariners are mulling over a prospect-for-prospect trade? Who might be targeted? Which of the Big Three do you not want to give up?

Have fun discussing and try not to get into flame wars over meaningless nonsense!

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