Montero, Smoak, Carp, and Wells. How it works.

This was originally meant as a FanShot but my thoughts got a little longer so I decided to put them here. Obviously this is going to be about the trade.

In Buster Olney's segment today, Insider only of course, he says that despite thoughts around the league, both the Yankees and the Mariners think Montero can catch. I semi agree.

If the Mariners do feel Montero can catch then I anticipate them using Montero as Cleveland does Carlos Santana.

For those who don't know that situation, Cleveland wants Santana in the lineup everyday, so instead of continually using him as a catcher he also plays 1B. This way it keeps his bat in the lineup but allows him to not get burnt out from catching. Great for Fantasy ;)

If this happens I could see Montero getting a lot of games at catcher, maybe more. Some at 1B, and then the rest at DH.

This allows Smoak the majority of playing time at 1B and some at DH, while Carp plays in LF and may serve as our primary DH.

The way this would break down over the course of the season would be something like

C: Montero - 90 games | Jaso - 40 | Olivo - 30 - would not surprise me to see one traded

1B: Smoak - 120 | Montero - 20 | Carp - 20

DH: Carp - 60 | Smoak - 30 | Montero - 40 | Wells - 30

LF: Carp - 80 | Wells - 80

Wells may be pushed out a little bit here but the potential is there for him to move around the OF somewhat with Guti's injuries and Ichiro getting older.

This may be one way to keep our potentially best hitters in the line-up throughout the season without having to hurt there development and stick any of them at DH frequently.

About the potential line-up, I don't think this is rosterbation, as technically we have these players just discussing order they hit in, I don't Montero starts in the middle of the order right away, but as the kids continue to develop we could look at a line-up something like this:

Ichiro (RF) - Ryan (SS) - Ackley (2B) - Smoak (1B) - Montero (C) - Carp (LF) - Wells (DH) - Guti (CF) - Seager (3B)

Our rotation obviously takes a hit with this trade, but we do gain a lot and add flexibilty. If Ackley, Smoak, and Montero live up expectations and Carp and Wells continue to pay well, as well as Seager providing solid hitting from the back end we would look to have a nice young line-up. If Ichiro bounces part way back and Guti or Ryan can manage to find something then that would help a lot as well.

Our rotation obviously takes a hit and I am all for adding EJax or Oswalt to the rotation but I don't think we will be bad in that area either. Obviously we lead off with Felix (he is still ours everyone), then after that the order gets jumbled but we have Vargas, Iwakuma, Noesi, Beavan, Furbush, and also Hultzen and Paxton fighting for a rotation spot. My attempts to predict an order will most likely be wrong but I would put it as:

Felix, Vargas, Iwakuma, Noesi, Hultzen

This trade may hurt but I think it helps us out in the long term. As many have said, we dealt from an area of strength to acquire a player in a position of need. The big wildcard here is Noesi, and while Campos could be good down the road, he won't help us now, and Noesi will.

Those are my thoughts and I would love to hear more of yours.

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