Chih-Hsieh Chiang and the diet of a minor league player

From an article at regarding Chih-Hsieh Chiang's management of his diabetes: A look at breakthrough campaign of diabetic Red Sox prospect Chih-Hsieh Chiang

For much of his pro career in the United States, Chiang has struggled with managing his diabetes. The challenges of finding the achieving a proper nutritional program were complex for several reasons.


First, there was the matter of his adaptation from a carbohydrate-rich diet of his native Taiwan to the foods of the US. Secondly, there was the reality of what’s available to minor leaguers, who typically are subjected to late-night fast food stops as their primary source of sustenance.

“Every player we have in the system struggles with nutrition issues. These guys, their options are choosing between McDonald’s and Arby’s every night. You go in there and try not to order a No. 1, supersize,” said Red Sox vice president of player development and amateur scouting Mike Hazen. “We try to educate them the best we can. It’s not easy for these kids.”

And this gets to something that has long bugged me. 

Minor league players are paid a pittance and they need to kick-in to pay for the food provided to them post-game.  And they get minimal money on the road. So one place they have to cut corners to make ends meet is food.  Lots of empty calories, PBJ sandwiches, etc.

Most teams, including the Mariners, make substantial investments in strength and conditioning training and equipment for the minor league players.  Yet, as far as I have been able to determine, diet assistance is pretty much just instructional only.

How much would it cost to provide a bit of financial support to the minor league teams to assure the players get one good balanced and healthy meal per day in the post game?  It doesn't have to be fancy - send an intern out to the grocery store to get a decent selection of fixings for sandwiches, some good veggies, and some fruit selections.  Make sure the guys get at least one good healthy meal per day, something that complements all of the other health and fitness training you're trying to give them.

Can it be that difficult? It can't be prohibitively expensive, particularly if that makes the difference between some guy actually contributing at the MLB level because he's in better physical condition.

Doesn't this make sense, or am I overlooking something obvious here?

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