What will it take? How long will it last?

Most of you are aware that the jolly 2011 Mariners have lost 14 straight games as of this writing. If you've tuned in to a baseball broadcast in the last week, or if you've logged on to, you'll probably also have heard that:

A) the franchise record for most consecutive losses is (drum roll) 14, set in 1992,

B) the 2005 Royals lost 19 straight games,

C) the 1988 Orioles dropped 21 in a row, setting the AL mark,

D) the Phillies of 1961 managed to lose 23 times in succession,

and E) the all-time record for most defeats strung together by a single team is 24. True, it was in a different era, but still, the woeful 1899 Cleveland Spiders "accomplished" that surmountable-looking feat.)

The conventional wisdom holds that Eric Wedge will be the Mariners' manager in 2012, that Zduriencik will be given at least as many years as Bavasi (we're only halfway there), and that with pitching as good as the M's have, they're bound to win one soon, no matter how challenging the schedule looks.

But conventional wisdom only goes so far until an avalanche of losses buries it. (Until a lava flow engulfs it?)

Bill Plummer was fired in '92.

Tony Pena quit during the '05 campaign.

Cal Ripken Sr. was let go only six (!) games into that epic Orioles malfunction of a season.

Of the modern-day managers associated with the teams above, only Gene Mauch survived, and good for him.

So my question is threefold. In the poll, I ask, how many in a row will these Mariners manage to lose? But mainly, I'm curious to know how many they have to lose before Wedge gets the axe? And how many until Jack Zduriencik cleans out his office?

Is it 18? 20? 24? My gut tells me that somebody will have to pay if this team sets a new all-time major league record for consecutive losses. If we drop 25 straight, I doubt Zduriencik returns. (Personally, I wouldn't fire him if they lost 30 in a row. I'd dump Wedge first.) But where are the breaking points for those two gentlemen, in your opinion? When do Lincoln and Armstrong sacrifice them to the angry mob? Feel free to leave a couple numbers in the comments, like I did leading off. 

Thanks for reading. God, I want a win so bad.

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