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Hey y'all. Just found this article ( thanks to Bill Baker on twitter, and figured I'd translate some of the important quotes for y'all.

SPOILER ALERT: Felix is a bad ass.

The title of the article is "Felix isn't satisfied and is going for more."

I'm not going to translate the whole thing since I'm drunk, and I doubt most of you care what the writer of the article says. Instead I'm going to focus on Felix's quotes which are the most important part of the article.

"Fue una primera mitad más o menos porque no estuve consistente, pero yo creo que la segunda será igual o mejor que la del año pasado, estoy trabajando para hacer lo mejor que pueda...Todo pitcher quisiera repetirlo, trabajo para eso. Estoy ahí, los números van bien, y ahorita en la segunda parte quiero rematar para ver si los mantengo"

"The first half was just okay because I wasn't consistent, but I think the second half will be as good, or better, as my second half last year. I'm working hard to do the best that I can. Every pitcher would love to repeat [as Cy Young winner], and that's what I'm working towards. I'm there, the numbers are good, and now (in the second half), I want to finish strong and maintain those figures."

"A veces perdía el comando de la recta y esa es mi clave, porque cuando mi recta anda en la zona, los otros pitcheos son mejores porque me ayudan a sacar más outs. Se complementan. En el bullpen, ahí se trabajan los detalles. Yo me conozco a mí mismo. Los consejos del coach de pitcheo los escucho, pero los ajustes los hago yo mismo"

"At points I lost the command of my fastball, and that's the key. When my fastball is in the zone, my other pitches are better because they help me make more outs. They complement each other. In the bullpen, that's where you work out the details. I know myself. I listen to the coaches' advice, but when it comes time to make adjustments, I make those myself. "


[On being behind only Verlander in strikeouts in the AL]

"No sabía. Yo trato de que me bateen, yo soy un pitcher fuerte, pero también me hacen mucho contacto, los lanzamientos han estado en su punto y los contrarios, gracias a Dios, los han abanicado. Yo no reviso mis números. Veo la efectividad porque sale en televisión; pero no veo videos, no leo reportes de scouts. Yo voy a mi fuerte, a mis pitcheos, no a las habilidades de los bateadores; además, ya tengo varios años en la liga y sé quiénes y cómo me pueden hacer daños."

"I didn't know that. I try to make them beat me. I'm a strong pitcher, but they do make a lot of contact. The throws have been on points, and those that haven't been, thank god, have fanned them. I don't scan my numbers. I see my effectiveness because it shows up on television, but I don't watch videos or read scouting reports. i go to my strengths, my pitches, not the hitter's ability. Besides, I've  been in the league a few years and I know which, and how, hitters can hurt me."


[On trade rumors]

"Ojalá Seattle me amarré más. Los cambios son solos rumores, yo creo que me quedaré en Seattle por un buen tiempo, ahorita más que estamos jugando un buen beisbol y yo pienso que no me van a cambiar, que voy a estar mis tres años de contrato que me quedan y un poquito más; dígalo ahí, compadre", le preguntó a su agente Wilfredo Polidor. "Quiero firmar por más. Al menos cinco añitos más."

"Hopefully Seattle will love me more. Trades are only rumors, and I think I'll stay in Seattle for a decent amount of time, especially now that we're playing good baseball. I don't think they'll trade me and I think i'll be here my three contract years, and a few more. [To his agent Wilfredo polidor] Tell him, man! I want to sign for more! At least 5 more years!"


"Es un honor estar ahí. En Seattle está mi corazón, aunque tengo presente que esto es un negocio y uno no puede decidir, pero si fuera por mí, yo me quedara en Seattle porque me encanta la ciudad; vivo ahí, la directiva me trata bien, los fanáticos me adoran, es todo, y no tengo que quejarme de nada."

"It's an honor being [in Seattle]. That's where my heart is, even though I know that this is a business and one can't always decide. But if it were my choice I would stay in Seattle because the city enchants me. I live there, the front office treats me well, the fans adore me, it's everything I want and I don't have to complain about anything!"


[On the King's Court]

"Eso es una locura. Los fanáticos se vuelven locos allá, son más ruidosos que todo el estadio junto".

"It's nuts! The fans go absolutely crazy there and are louder than the rest of the stadium combined!"


[Pineda stuff]

Félix Hernández cumplió su promesa. El lanzador criollo había dicho que si no podía lanzar en el Juego de las Estrellas cedería su cupo al novato dominicano Michael Pineda, y lo hizo.

Felix maintained his promise. The pitcher had said that if he couldn't pitch in the ASG, he would give his spot to Michael Pineda, and he did so.

"Es algo muy bonito tener la oportunidad de lanzar al lado del Cy Young de la Liga Americana. Su calidad de persona es increíble. Me gusta la forma como él me trata, nunca esperé esa confianza, me siento orgulloso y muy contento de estar con él en esta travesía," agregó mientras Félix le gritaba: "Aprende a declarar con firmeza novato, y luego te brindo un refresco".

"It's something really beautiful being able to pitch alongside a Cy Young award winner. His qualities as a person as incredible. I like how he treats me; I never expected his trust. I am proud and happy to be with him in this journey." Meanwhile Felix yelled at him, "Learn how to speak with confidence, Rookie, and then I'll bring you a drink!"

"Lo primordial es que Félix ha tratado de enseñarme el sistema aquí en las mayores porque es muy diferente a las ligas menores, siempre me ha dado mucha confianza y me ayuda en las situaciones de juego, por él estoy viviendo este sueño."

"The main thing is that Felix has tried to teach me the system here in the majors, as it's very different than the minors. He's always expressed a lot of confidence in me, and has helped me in game situations. It's because of him that I'm living this dream."


[On pitching over 300 innings like Marichal and Koufax]

"Claro que sí! Me hubiese encantando o que pudiera hacerse ahorita, pero de verdad no sé decir si sería capaz de hacer esas locuras, aunque me gustaría, porque uno realiza una preparación y un trabajo físico para mantenerse fuerte y saludable toda la temporada".

"Of course I'd like to be able to do that currently, or that it was an option! But to be honest, I'm not sure if I could do those crazy things. While I'd like to, one trains to be able to stay strong, healthy, and durable the entire season."



Fantastic article. Felix rules. Let me know if anything is confusing!

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