Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Detroit Tigers

MARINERS (32-30) Δ Ms TIGERS (33-28) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -48.7 (29th) -4.1 26.7 (6th) Detroit
24.5 (4th) -2.2 -1.5 (13th) Seattle
4.2 (10th) -1.9 -9.1 (25th) Seattle
-20.3 (21st) -8.3 16.1 (9th) DETROIT
Fielding (UZR)
-15.9 (29th) - -0.9 (14th) Detroit
Running (BsR)
-2.0 (23rd) - -1.6 (22nd) Detroit

The Rangers got to tee off on Phil Coke last night, so no luck for us this time around. We're going to have to find a new punching bag. Uninterestingly, if this series goes according to the plan below then afterwards, the Mariners and Tigers will have played ten games and the Mariners will have gone through Detroit's starting rotation precisely twice. Not so on the other front, where the Tigers will face Erik Bedard for the third time while seeing Jason Vargas just once.

Four more right-handers for the Mariners to face, which at least means we should see Mike Carp a couple plus times. Does it seem like the Mariners face an unusually high number of right-handed starters? To date, 80% of their games have featured a right-handed starter and that will climb to about 82% after this series. The American League average is 70% which is consistent with recent years. Given his notorious reverse split, maybe that's why Ichiro's struggling so bad! Seriously though, it makes Miguel Olivo look a teensy bit even better.

Thu 09 Jun 16:05


Justin Verlander perpetually seems to be overlooked as one of baseball's best starting pitchers. In fact, by a purely objective measurement, he was at least as good as Felix was from 2009-10 and probably a smidgen better. In Mariners news, I have completely run out of things to say about Doug Fister

Fri 10 Jun 16:05


Brad Penny's missed bat rate has certainly gone to hell in Detroit. Maybe he was just trying to fit in? On May 21, I wrote this piece contrasting Erik Bedard's first four starts with his second four starts. He's made three starts since then so I am looking forward to this start being over so I can tack on another line to that above post. Spoiler alert, so far he's been really good. 

Sat 11 Jun 16:05


It did not work out at all in this previous series, but having Michael Pineda and Felix Hernandez back to back always means there's a hopeful chance at taking both games just from sheer pitching dominance. When it comes at the tail of a four-game series such as this, it's almost like having a dynamite bullpen. "Just split the first two games," you might think to yourself. This is putting not just the cart, but also several birds and baskets full of all my eggs ahead of the horses, but the Mariners (and Angels for that matter) are not teams you'd probably feel at ease facing in a playoff series.

Sun 12 Jun 10:05


Rick Porcello is going to throw you some sort of fastball or fastball-like pitch, most likely located down in the zone. Hitting must be way harder than it seems because you'd think people like Porcello or Mariano Rivera would get chased out of the game. 

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