Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Chicago White Sox

MARINERS (31-28) Δ Ms WHITE SOX (28-33) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -44.6 (29th) 5.0 -10.7 (19th) Chicago
26.7 (3rd) 9.5 4.8 (11th) Seattle
6.1 (8th) -1.9 1.7 (14th) Seattle
-11.8 (20th) 12.6 -4.2 (19th) CHICAGO

One feature of having a record three games over .500 that I particularly find comforting is that when beginning a three game series, I know that even if the worst occurs and the White Sox sweep the Mariners, the team will still not be under .500. Me and my silly mental barriers.

The Mariners actually have the second highest starting pitching runs above average in baseball according to tRA, but pRAA is a counting stat and I rank based on rate so the Mariners slip just behind the Giants to third. The Phillies rotation has a pRAA of 64.6.

Time for a straw poll regarding the rankings above. I can include the team UZRs and base running numbers, but doing so, I will lose the overall rank (not the number itself, but the ordinal rank) because it would then be a mix and match between my stats and FanGraphs' stats. Which do y'all find more interesting?

Mon 06 Jun 17:10


A lefty on the mound! Hey, everyone, a lefty! We might see Mike Wilson or Greg Halman in left field. Hot diggity! John Danks has been scuffling a bit as a starter lately so hopefully the Mariners can take their new found power ways with them to the homer happy bandbox in Chicago's south side. That also means it would be a serendipitous time for Michael Pineda to get all groundbally.

Tue 07 Jun 17:10


32 days ago, these same two pitches faced off in Seattle and the Mariners gave Phil Humber the 3-2 thrashing he so richly deserved. The next day the Mariners lost and would lose five days in a row as well. 

Wed 08 Jun 17:10


It amuses me when a pitcher's third or fourth most used pitch is his best rated. Gavin Floyd's slider looks menacing on this graph. I know effectiveness can depend on frequency and so it's not so simple as just telling Gavin Floyd to pitch like Michael Pineda does, but boy I'd sure be tempted to at least try it out in a couple starts and see how it went. If the version of me that is writing this were a pitcher, I would never stop tinkering. Which might make me bad. Or amazing. Or neither.

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