New, Improved Mariners Whip Rays For Second Night In A Row

The Mariners have won games against pretty good teams, but as fun as it is to watch them beat, say, the Red Sox and the Yankees, watching them win by a slim margin as they so often have always leaves one feeling a little bit lucky. It leaves you feeling like you came a break or two away from watching a loss. Last Saturday, for example, was all kinds of exciting, but I didn't so much come away feeling like the Mariners won as I felt like the Mariners survived.

So for the M's to thump the Rays last night was out of the ordinary. And for them to do it again tonight - the Rays are a solid ballclub, and the M's have outscored them 15-2, knocking seven home runs. The seven home runs the Mariners have hit in two games is more than they had hit in their previous 15. They took a good pitcher behind the shed, they took a less good pitcher behind the shed, and we don't have to feel in any way like they got lucky. Twice, they dominated a good team that many feel will end up in the playoffs.

I can't be the only one who thinks this is starting to get weird. Fun-weird, but weird. When the Mariners were losing, they were losing like the Mariners. When the Mariners were winning, they were winning like the Mariners. Now they've started winning in a way that is unlike them. It's only two games, but these were two very exceptional games.

Granted, the Mariners weren't exactly ripping the ball all over the yard tonight. They finished with four hits, and this was the first time in franchise history the Mariners scored seven or more runs with four or fewer hits. But three of those hits were home runs, and they put nine other guys on base. We've seen glimpses now of what it can be like when this team gets offense to go along with its pitching. It's quite a sight.

I am, of course, forever waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe it's because I've been conditioned as a Mariners fan. Maybe this is what everyone's like. But the shoe hasn't dropped yet, and I don't even know if it's up there.













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