CONT-SUCK records at the halfway point

FeLLow commentor Bearskin Rugburn suggested on June 27 that W-L record could be replaced by, well, just about anything, and it'd be an improvement. Here's the subthread in which he openly pines for a compendium of how many times each Mariner has been named Biggest Contributor or Biggest Suckfest in Jeff's postgame charts.

I'd read something to that effect, I told him. He could even write the fanpost on that topic.

Yeah. I hope B.R. didn't follow through on my harebrained idea, because I already did.

Halfway through the season, 81 Biggest Contributions (CONT) have been handed out, as have 81 Biggest Suckfests (SUCK). Data is -- are? -- culled from Jeff's charts or Fangraphs game info, which is what Matthew uses when Sullivan takes an illegal night off.

After the jump lies each individual Mariner's CONT-SUCK record thus far, along with some observations.

Players are arranged in descending order of "winning percentage." CONT is the first number, SUCK is the second. It takes three "decisions" to qualify for consideration.


Halman 4-0

Carp 3-0

Smoak 6-3

Ryan 5-5

Langerhans 2-2

Kennedy 1.5-2

Peguero 4-5

Ichiro 2.5-4

Cust 1-2

Bradley 1-2

Saunders 1-3

Olivo 2-8

Figgins 2-8

Gutierrez 1-5

Rest of team: Rodriguez 2-0, Bard 1-0, J. Wilson 1-1, Ackley 0-0.


Dustin Ackley's record remains unblemished. More on him later. Disturbingly, Miguel Oh-oh-Olivo somehow manages the same record as Chone Figgins. Hi-I'm-Everywhere Carlos Peguero has nine decisions in 129 PA while Jack Cust has three in 234 PA. Nice to see you, Ryan Langerhans and Jack Wilson.

Balkan and Mike Carp are undefeated, while one regular position player has a winning record. In fact, position players are a combined 40-50.

Guti's wOBA is a woeful .207 and Figgins sits at .213, so that explains a lot.

Adam Kennedy and Ichiro split a CONT one evening. That was game 13. Only thing is, they each came in at -.008 that night. Said Jeff at the time: "I can't remember for sure but I think this might be the first time in my several years of doing this that every single Mariner has been in the negative."


Pineda 8-1

Felix 9-4

Bedard 4-2

Vargas 8-5

Wright 4-3

Fister 5-5

Pauley 1-2

Ray 1-2

League 1-4

Rest of team: Laffey 0-1, Lueke 0-1.


This stat is hardly fair to League, who has ample opportunity to blow the game, but rarely the chance to help decide it in a positive manner. At the height of One Pitch Wright Mania, Jamey racked up two CONTs in three days.

Ray? Oh yeah, April.

If you've watched half or more of the games, the pitching numbers make a lot of sense. Fister gets no run support, so his mistakes' leverage is amplified. The other starters are just plain great, combining for a record of 34-17.

Pitchers are 41-30 overall. 


Game 9 featured a CONT from Saunders and a SUCK from Bedard. That's unlikely to ever occur again in major league baseball future history.

Game 37: Figgins won, Felix lost. The numbers don't lie.

Game 39: League records his fourth SUCK in the span of five days. None since. Not even in THE Nationals game, not that anyone needs to ever remember that one. You know, game 73, in which David Pauley scored a noteworthy -.958.

Game 51: Ichiro's last SUCK. Coincidence, surely. (That was the Adam Kennedy Is Luckier Than Mariano Rivera Celebration Game.)

Smoak leads the "offense" in WPA. By a wide margin. He has accumulated 1.89, and the second-place guy has .73. Incidentally, the second-place guy would be Ackley. In only 45 PA, he has had, by one measure, more total positive impact in the lineup than everyone but the everyday first baseman.

Figgins checks in with a -2.02 WPA, Saunders with a -1.66. Those guys have lapped the field, but not in a good way.


Very little. CONT-SUCK isn't exactly a meaningful statistic, just some innocent fun. But I'll do this again for games 82-162, so we can compare results. Gotta keep myself busy in October somehow.

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