LL Census 2011 -- Updated with results!

Update: I closed polling after 301 surveys, allowing users 58 hours for submissions. If you'd still like to fill out the survey, the link still exists. Just know that your answers aren't represented in this data if you completed the survey after 22:00 on 6/22/11. The graphs and data on LL's community are after the jump.

The site's seen a massive influx of new posters over the past couple months. The team's success is a big reason why, but there might be another factor. Currently, we have a generation of younger people that more frequently use the internet than a lot of the older folks. My father struggles with technology himself, and can't stand to be on a computer any more than he has to. Are we seeing a bunch of new, young posters in these parts? That's one of the many questions this survey will address.

That being said, I think it's time we find out who composes LL. What follows is a series of questions about yourself, though nothing super specific. If you don't feel comfortable answering, that's all right. The survey is completely anonymous; even I only get time stamps and answers when it is completed. I'm interested in getting a better grasp on the community here, and I'm sure others are as well.

Click here to fill out the survey, nicely made in Google Forms. After a good amount of data has been collected, I will update this post and share it. The questions are all multiple choice and as follows:

How old are you?

What is your sex?

What is your current geographical location?

What is your current or highest level of education?

How did you find out about Lookout Landing?

How did you become a Mariners fan?

Who is your favorite Mariner?

Here is the data on the LL community, represented in graphical form (click graph for full size):


As you can see, LL is a sausagefest. Out of the 301 surveys completed, only 12 were completed by females.

Here is location:


72% of LL lives in the "west," where "west" is the West Coast states and Mountain Time Zone states. I'm not sure how many people live in Nevada -- they may have entered "Other." 55% of LL is from the state of Washington, and surprisingly only 4% from Oregon. LL has a heavy international population, which, from the comments, sounds mostly British and Australian.


The average LLer is almost exactly 25 years of age, using rough estimates for the 40+ and <14 categories. That compares with an average age of 25.75 from the poll taken in November 2009. Given that many of LL's regulars have only gotten older, a decrease in the average age of LL somewhat supports my hypothesis above; LL is seeing more young posters. Is it a significant change? We can't be sure -- given the limitations of the data, we can't make many concrete inferences. I was surprised though, by how much the LL seniors outnumbered the youngins.

Two-thirds of LLers have gone to college, with 40% getting their Associate or Bachelor's degrees. I imagine the 27% "college" responses include some current students and some drop-outs.


The biggest item left off the survey was likely USSM. From the comments, it looks like USSM drove a bunch of traffic to LL, and many members of this community found their way here because of Dave and DMZ. About 10% of LL's community has been here from the beginning.


As is the case with any city, many LLers grew up rooting for their local team. I was surprised though at the number of "Other" submissions here.

And LL's favorite Mariner is...


Edgar Martinez, and it's not very close either. I'm not sure how much 2010 Griffey soured LL's opinion of him, or if people chose Edgar because he was a career Mariner. Either way, it's awesome that Ichiro ends up with 51 votes, and LL's present community is split evenly between he and Felix.

The average LLer is a 25 year old male with an associates or bachelor's degree who lives in or around the Seattle metropolitan area.

Thanks to all for helping us get a better grasp on what we're made of!

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