UPDATED: LL Season Tickets 2011 - Info/Feedback

UPDATE 1: See pricing information below at the bottom.

Hi all,

Mark (astrobiology) and I (Tim, posted as oscartehgrouch on LL through Yahoo!, decided to register my own SBN account) went ahead and renewed our season tickets from last season.
We have 4 seats in left field, field level, Section 148, Row 17, Seats 13-16 (Aisle).

Last year, despite initial interest, we did not sell many extra seats to the LL community and we would like to change that this year. Please respond to our poll below and also leave feedback in the comments below on how we can do things better this time around. While we don't attend every game, we would like to meet as many of you as possible in person, have a good time, watch some Smoak bombs, and talk "smarter" baseball. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated in getting more of you to participate this time around. If you do not live in the Seattle area, please tell your friends/family about us. I promise we are ok dudes, and I am sure some community members can vouch for that fact.

Here's how this works.

  • Google Groups: We started a Google Group as a means of communication to anyone who maybe interested in tickets (join Felix is Ours here). We generally do not email over it (used it twice last year), and you can configure it to not receive email notifications. We are considering using it more this year if the feedback leans towards wanting more reminders/notifications of available seats since we did not want to "spam" people last year.
  • Google Calendar: Please see our 2011 seat availability calendar. You do not need a Google account to view this. This is a "real-time" view of the home schedule this year and the # of seats available is in parentheses for each game.
  • Contact: If you would like to buy seats (See pricing info below), please email us at felixisours2011[at], with the following information
    1. Full Name
    2. Contact Information (both email/phone preferable)
    3. What game and how many seats you need
    4. Method of payment (PayPal/Cash)
    5. Method of delivery (Meet in person/E-tickets)

General Information

Our tickets at box office cost $40 ahead of time, and $44 day of game.

We can either give you hard tickets, or e-tickets. The e-tickets are done through TicketMaster where you have to register an account to claim them, but you can then print them from your own home. When you claim the tickets online through the system, it invalidates our hard tickets so they cannot be used. There is a $2 fee per e-ticket.

Please note that we can only send e-tickets up until 2 hours before game time. This is a restriction put in by TicketMaster. After that, we can only meet to give you tickets in person.

From you're feedback, we've decided on the following pricing.

$20/seat base price - up to 4 hours before game time. Guarantee yourself a seat by buying at $20. Tickets usually aren't available 4 hours before game time as we are actively selling our tickets elsewhere as well.

  • Cash - Pay $20, make arrangements to meet
  • PayPal/e-ticket - Pay $23 (Paypal + e-ticket fee)

$15/seat base price

  • Cash - Pay $15, make arrangements to meet
  • PayPal/e-ticket - Pay $15. We'll eat the fees.

We want to encourage you to be spontaneous and join us for a game on a whim and make it worth your while economically.

Please respond to the poll below. All feedback is appreciated.

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