Opening Day: Taking over OakLLand

Opening day is fast approaching and single-game tickets have just been made available via the Oakland A's website, which means it's time to discuss an LL meetup in Oakland on April 1st. It's Opening Day and Felix is pitching so I implore you to join me in the festivities! I know some of you are going to make the trek down to the Bay Area for Opening Day if not the entire series, so we should get together and enjoy it. Game time on Friday is at 7:05 PM, so any local watering hole activity should be done beforehand, though it's possible to get drinks after the game concludes as well. I should note that I'm not of legal drinking age, so I'd love it if we could go to a bar that didn't have an age requirement. Due to the above disclaimer and the fact that I live in San Francisco, I can't really recommend any places nearby (if an LLer familiar with the Oakland area would like to share, I'd be happy to learn more!).

Transportation-wise, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is probably the best option if you don't have a car. The Bay Area's medium rail system drops you off right at the Coliseum complex, and services downtown Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco as well. Tickets are available in any BART station, and google can help you find the station nearest you.

A couple questions regarding ticketing:

How many of you have bought your tickets already? If possible, we should all buy tickets in nearby sections. If we have 25+ people we can get a group ticket discount, but I don't think we'll have that many. Having 1 person buy tickets in bulk would be a logistics nightmare, so that's out of the question. At the very least we should designate a section.
What's your affordability like? Oakland isn't a very crowd-pleasing stadium and has relatively cheap MVP Box seats (only $58.00!), but we should go with a more price-friendly option*. Here is a seat-price map for Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, and they also have a nifty 3D Seating and Price Map to look at. I recommend the field level seats; for $30 you get a pretty nice seat close to the action, and you get to look at Ichiro! or Saunders up close. Well, close to the action isn't really fair given all that foul territory. It's not like the A's are blessed with ticket-selling ability, but Opening Day is likely to sell pretty fast so the sooner we can decide on ticketing the better.

*Fun Fact: My favorite Coliseum memory is getting hit in the face by a Kenji Johjima foul ball. The ball went over my head and as I turned around to follow it it ricocheted off a chair and hit me in the cheek. That was the same game that Joe Blanton tried to fight Ichiro. What's your favorite Mariners memory away from Safeco?

In conclusion,

(1) Are you going to attend Opening Day? If so, do you want to join up with other LLers? If not, why have you read this far?

(2) What meeting place would you recommend for food/drinks before and after the game?

(3) What do you want to do in regards to ticketing, and where do you want to sit?

If there is enough interest, please rec this post to keep it towards the top of the fanpost line.

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