Reasons for Hope?

So today has been a pretty bad day, obviously. The Mariners seem so much worse than they were yesterday at this time. If you had asked me yesterday what type of team the Mariners were, I'd have told you they were a mid-large market club. Now they seem like a small market club. I'm not sure if that is accurate, but it is how I feel.

I've been trying to look for bright spots in the deals that the Angels made. The Wilson deal seems to be a very good deal. When Buehrle signed with Miami I thought for sure this would drive the price way up for Wilson. I was wrong. This seems like a good to very good contract.

There are, however, as far as I can tell some things to keep in mind about the Pujols deal that could make it a worse contract than it might seem. I don't know if I have thought these all the way through, and there could be mistakes in my thinking. Also, these are only potentially negative for Anaheim. They could be remedied with trades and things like that. But here they are:

  • As Dave Cameron tweeted this morning, this is a smaller upgrade for Anaheim than it would have been for other teams. Trumbo was a 2.3 win player last year, so they are likely to pick up less wins with this deal than other teams.
  • Speaking of Trumbo, he is no Pujols, but he is young and cheap and under team control for quite a while. Not the place you need an upgrade. Of course, this allows the Angels to trade Trumbo, but whatever. The point is that the Angels upgraded a position that wasn't in huge need of upgrading.
  • If I understand things correctly (please correct me if I'm wrong) a first baseman is more valuable than a DH. If, for some reason, Pujols can't play 1B and has to switch to DH, this makes the contract slightly worse. How much worse? I have no clue.
  • There are also going to be two wild cards from now on. Because it is now easier to get into the playoffs, there is less value in all major league contracts. Holy cow, did I reason that properly? I don't even know, but it might be something, right?
  • This does handcuff them a bit moving forward and trying to resign players. Howie Kendrick was almost a 6 win player last year and he will be a FA next season. Erick Aybar was a 4 win player who will be a FA soon as well. Bottom line is, they likely have a lot of players at the league minimum in the coming years. I really can't see them holding this team together much longer. Of course, I couldn't see them signing Albert Pujols, so what the hell do I know.

Albert Pujols makes the Angels better, that is for sure, but he does not help them improve as much as he would have helped other teams improve. As a Mariners fan, this still scares me for the future, but not quite as much as it did this morning.

Did I mess up anywhere? Did I forget anything?

This is my first attempt at an analysis based fanpost, so please be completely brutal and use lots of curse words to send a message to me to not do it again if it sucks.

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