CONT-SUCK final records for 2011

Halfway through the season, Bored Me wasted an afternoon compiling the list of how many times each Mariner posted the Biggest Contribution (CONT) or Biggest Suckfest (SUCK) in Jeff's postgame charts. That post can be found here.

Not that you asked for it, but this is the second installment anyway, covering games 82 through 162. And it culminates with the naming of the First Annual CONT-SUCK Champion, who turned out to be... whoa, that's unexpected. Sort of. Disexpected, maybe. Malexpected?

As was done this past June, players are listed in order of "winning" percentage, with a minimum of three decisions to qualify in each half-season. Some commentary follows, which precedes the final 2011 standings and the crowning of a champion. Six "decisions" overall are necessary to be eligible for the CONT-SUCK title.

The suspense is killing you!

But first, the second-half stats.


Luis Rodriguez 4-0

Josh Bard, Justin Smoak 3-1

Mike Carp 8-3

Dustin Ackley, Franklin Gutierrez, Trayvon Robinson 4-2

Alex Liddi 2-1

Miguel Olivo 5-3

Ichiro 5-4

Kyle Seager, Adam Kennedy 2-3

Brendan Ryan 2-5

Wily Mo Pena 1-3

Casper Wells 1-4

Greg Halman 0-3

Rest of team: Chone Figgins 1-1, Jack Wilson 1-1, Jack Cust 0-1.



Felix Hernandez 5-3

Blake Beavan 6-4

Brandon League 2-2

Jason Vargas 4-7

Dan Cortes, David Pauley 1-2

Michael Pineda, Anthony Vasquez 1-4 (what?)

Charlie Furbush 1-6

Rest of team: Doug Fister 1-0, Jeff Gray 1-0, Josh Lueke 1-0, Tom Wilhelmsen 1-0, Chance Ruffin 1-1, Jamey Wright 1-1, Erik Bedard 0-1, Aaron Laffey 0-1.



Complete reversal of results from the first half of the season, when the pitching excelled and the hitting was absent. But of course, anyone who watched the games knew that. What you might have missed:

Chone Figgins made his last mark in game 103, a SUCK in the finale of that epic 17-game losing streak. He has not been seen or heard from since. You'll notice that the M's have suffered precisely zero season-crippling 17-game slides of embarrassment since then. Coincidence, baseball, or dark clubhouse ritual involving human sacrifice? (According to, a "C. Figgins" made 11 plate appearances after July 26 for the Mariners, but after posting a .454 OBP, that creature was destroyed.) 

Doug Fister. :/ Miss that dude.

Mike Carp had a perfect record (9-0) until game 141. Choker.

Michael Pineda racked up an 8-1 mark in the first half, then got to see his name alongside Anthony Vasquez's in the chart above. Click if you saw that coming. True story: Pineda went 65 games between CONTs.

Jason Vargas put up seven SUCKs in ten starts between games 92 and 137, en route to a final 12-12 record. That sounds about right.

Game 146: Vasquez nabbed the CONT, Carp received a SUCK. Don't calculate the odds of that.

Justin Smoak. Three times in six mid-season games (78, 80 and 83) he earned a SUCK. Outside of that forgettable week, a 9-1 record. Feel free to leverage that into hope. But now I'm getting into final stats quite a bit, so let's move on to:



Again, as outlined in the original post, six decisions are necessary to qualify for the CONT-SUCK title. Again, winning percentage determines, drumroll, the 2011 title, more drumroll.

Champion: Luis Rodriguez, 6-0, 1.000

Runner-Up: Mike Carp, 11-3, .786

Second Runner-Up: Justin Smoak, 9-4, .692

Honorable Mention: Felix Hernandez, 14-7, .667, Dustin Ackley, 4-2, .667 and Trayvon Robinson, 4-2, .667

What The Hell, Man: Michael Pineda 9-5, .643

Interesting Aside: Smoak, Ackley, Felix, Rodriguez and Carp finished 1-2-3-4-5 in WPA. 


From there on, the list is less compelling. But since I did the work:

Blake Beavan 6-4, .600

Erik Bedard, Greg Halman 4-3, .571

Jamey Wright 5-4, .556

Doug Fister 6-5, .545

Jason Vargas 12-12, .500

Ichiro 7.5-8, .484

Carlos Peguero 4-5, .444 (he played so much)

Franklin Gutierrez 5-7, .417

Miguel Olivo, Brendan Ryan 7-10, .412

Adam Kennedy 3.5-5, .412

Brandon League 3-6, .333

David Pauley 2-4, .333

Chone Figgins 3-9, .250

Charlie Furbush 1-6, .143

Rest of team: Jeff Gray 1-0, Tom Wilhelmsen 1-0, Josh Bard 4-1, Alex Liddi 2-1, Jack Wilson 2-2, Ryan Langerhans 2-2, Josh Lueke 1-1, Chance Ruffin 1-1, Kyle Seager 2-3, Milton Bradley 1-2, Dan Cortes 1-2, Chris Ray 1-2, Jack Cust 1-3, Wily Mo Pena 1-3, Michael Saunders 1-3, Anthony Vasquez 1-4, Casper Wells 1-4, Aaron Laffey 0-2.



80 percent of LL readers polled in July believed one of the Holy Tridenty -- Felix (9-4), Pineda (8-1) or Ackley (no record at the time) -- would be crowned the first CONT-SUCK champion.

Another seven percent stepped out for Smoak; one percent angled for Carp. Pretty well done, select LLers. But most congratulations are due the two voters who selected "other," because they were clearly thinking of Luis at the time, right?

Also, congratulations to Rodriguez himself, who is clearly a deserving champion, because of thisthis and this.

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