Irrational/non-irrational things to root for

For me, this season feels like a square root symbol. No really, think about it. I was excited and optimistic but was afraid it could go downhill quick. It did. After the initial nosedive, my optimism about the organization is on the upswing. I’ll be climbing until the end of September, after which my only interest in baseball will be rooting for Cliff Lee and Adrian Beltre in the playoffs, to be rekindled in December.

A lot of negativity has been running around here lately, so I’d like to take a moment and encourage people to look at the positives. Find something you want to root for in a lost season. Subplots often make or break a novel. They still make our season enjoyable too.

I’ll give you a few things I’m focusing on. Not a complete list by any means, just my top six. Bear in mind I have an irrational love of players who face an uphill climb.

Adam Moore: Besides the obvious fact that him playing boots out RJ, I wanna root for this kid because he isn’t really a kid anymore. His window is closing fast and his future could be in question if he struggles in the majors. Prove them wrong Adam, it’s your time. Clement broke my heart. I want you to break Rob Johnson’s hand.

Probable run at the Cy Young for Felix: J

Michael Saunders: Of all the rookies debuting this season, I think I’ve heard the least about him. Maybe because the M’s aren’t doing well or maybe because he’s not exactly crushing it, but it still makes me mad. His lack of recognition has me rooting for him more than any other member of this team.

Youth: With Ackley, Smoak, and Pineda all on their way the future is bright. When rosters expand, we’re gonna get one hell of a show. Nothing is more exciting than watching potential greatness open its wings for the first time. Watch em take flight. I'm so freaking excited for September.

Josh Wilson: Josh Wilson sucks. I love Josh Wilson. Somehow he got to the majors and somehow he’s defied expectations. I hope he continues to prove he can be a quality utility guy. I hope he continues to be more attractive than Jack Wilson. I hope he proves he’s better than everyone thought, including himself. It’s not likely, which is why I gotta root for him.

The Baltimore Orioles: I hope they win a game. I hope they win ten games. I hope they make a surprise playoff run. I hope Adam Jones loses a Gold Glove to Franklin Gutierrez. I hope they win one more game than us.

This season is still worth watching. There are plenty of things to root for without focusing on the win/loss column. I’m sure you have your own list. OPTIMISM.

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