Dave Niehaus And Jack Zduriencik On Griffey's Retirement

Some hastily and poorly transcribed statements from their appearances on 710:


It's a sad day and a happy day because he's had such a fabulous career.

You could feel this day coming, and you dreaded it.

I do know we would not be sitting here at Safeco Field were it not for Ken Griffey Jr. and his arrival on the scene...Ken Griffey Jr. made Seattle baseball, he really did.

I'm going to miss Ken, just his persona in the clubhouse. He lit up the clubhouse. It'll be a different clubhouse. It's a sad day. But I think a happy day for the Griffey family, because daddy's coming home.

There will definitely be a relationship [between Griffey and the Mariners]. This is a relationship that will live as long as Griffey and the organization are alive...This is his home, not the Cincinnati Reds.

[On whether it's been hard to watch] Yeah, it really has been. It has been. Because you know it was like watching a great diva die, losing her voice. Because you knew what he had, what he still wanted to do. Really didn't get that much of a chance to do it this year.

...but there would be stretches where he would come out here in batting practice and have what you would call Warning Track Power. There were never days when he would have WTP 10-15 years ago. And you could see that fastballs - 95, 96mph fastballs - were going right by him, and he tried to cheat.


I didn't try to write down full sentences, but Z says that he just found out about Griffey's retirement about an hour and a half ago, after meeting with Griffey's agent and Chuck Armstrong. Says it was all Junior's call, and everyone's saddened by it. As far as a continued relationship is concerned, "we'll see as we move forward...this just happened...I'm sure Ken needs some space, some breathing room."

And finally: "I was always amazed at the response that guy would get when he stuck his head out of the dugout."

Zduriencik implied that Griffey's replacement will come up from Tacoma, but he rather obviously will not be coming up tonight.

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