Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Chicago White Sox

Seattle: 9-7
Chicago: 5-11

-6.0 (20th) 4.1 -16.3 (29th) Seattle
FIELDING (?) 13.9 (2nd) 3.9 -4.4 (26th) Seattle
-4.0 (23rd) 3.9 -4.1 (22nd) Chicago
-2.7 (24th) -1.5 10.5 (2nd) Chicago
1.2 10.4 -14.3 SEATTLE


I was torn between sticking with Plus/Minus for the defensive ranking and going back to UZR now that UZRs are up, but then I noticed the huge disparity between the two systems so far this season (yeah, it's early) and with the issues brought up with UZR recently, I decided I was a bit more comfortable with +/-. And then I saw what +/- has listed for the Mariners' defense so far. 23 runs above average? Really? I know we're good and all, but that's a bit too insane. What I've have decided to do then is just average the two and determine ranks by (DRS + UZR) / Innings. Got a better idea?

Boy the White Sox position players have been bad. Shockingly, their best hitter so far has been Andruw Jones. Not shockingly, one of their worst has been Juan Pierre. If not for the decaying corpse of A.J. Pierzynski's power, Pierre would be worst.

Ian Snell's start gets pushed back to face the Royals, which normally would sound like a no-brainer decision. Pitch against the White Sox in the hitting friendly confines of Chicago or face the Royals in Kansas City? You would default to the first choice, but so far in 2010 it's the Royals who have been hitting and the White Sox who can't hit worth a lick. Then again, the Royals have been hitting almost solely because of the production from Scott Podsednik and Jose Guillen so, yeah, I wouldn't be flying to Vegas to bet the over on the Royals runs scored for the season just yet.


Fri Apr 23, 17:10: Ryan Rowland-Smith* vs. Gavin Floyd

Sat Apr 24, 13:10: Doug Fister vs. Freddy Garcia

Sun Apr 25, 11:05: Jason Vargas* vs. John Danks*

Boy I wish we could get to face Jake Peavy, he's flat out awful right now. On the plus side, we don't face both Mark Buerhle and John Danks who have been the lone above average starters for the White Sox so far in 2010. Meanwhile, J.J. Putz has a tRA of 0 with 10 strikeouts, zero walks and zero home runs allowed. He's also lost another mile per hour off his fastball and he's throwing his splitter almost 40% of the time now, about twice as often as he threw it as a Mariner during his heyday. So you know, that's only a good sign for the future.

Chicago's park is a home run haven and we're tossing out three mostly fly ball pitchers so they really need to be on their games and limit walks, keeping runners off base when they can so that the eventual home runs allowed do as little damage as possible. 

It would be nice to see Rowland-Smith turn in a good start since he's been scuffling a little this year. He isn't going to get much help from lefties in the lineup though as he's going to face a starting squad throwing eight righties out there. The only lefty is Juan Pierre who RRS could get out if he was throwing with his feet, so it doesn't really matter which side of the plate Pierre stands on. Also, Juan Pierre is DHing. You know how much you guys disagree with some of the stuff Don Wakamatsu does? It could be worse! A lot worse!

Get well soon, Milton Bradley. Get lost, Mike Sweeney.

Ryan Rowland-Smith Doug Fister Jason Vargas
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 54% 88 45 65 35
Curve 19% 72 35 75 70
Change 17% 80 50 45 40
Sinker 5% 88 25 50 20
Overall -- -- 40 60 40
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 54% 88 20 55 35
Change 25% 81 40 80 60
Curve 11% 75 65 35 75
Sinker 5% 89 30 40 60
Slider 5% 82 40 80 40
Overall -- -- 35 65 50
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 58% 88 35 30 35
Change 19% 80 80 75 50
Sinker 12% 84 55 35 30
Slider 8% 82 20 25 45
Overall -- -- 45 45 35

Gavin Floyd Freddy Garcia John Danks
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 50% 92 45 55 50
Curve 18% 79 70 35 65
Slider 12% 85 75 75 60
Sinker 12% 88 75 65 40
Change 8% 84 55 35 45
Overall -- -- 55 50 50
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 38% 89 20 20 40
Change 31% 81 65 70 50
Slider 23% 81 75 80 70
Overall -- -- 60 50 45
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 57% 91 75 45 45
Change 22% 83 75 80 55
Slider 11% 84 40 65 65
Curve 7% 77 20 40 25
Overall -- -- 60 55 45

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