2010 LLemmies Balloting (Jonathan Papelbon on the mound timing edition)

Welcome to the 2010 LLemmie awards! As usual, we'll be recapping the best moments of the 2009-2010 Mariners season on Lookout Landing and giving awards to those deserving folks.

Please note that you are permitted one (1) vote in each category unless you are a current or former mod at LL, in which case you receive two (2) votes. Votes will be carefully tabulated via an advanced Excel spreadsheet and displayed after the close of voting at  time to be determined later, but probably three months from now.



Front Page Post of the Year

The All-Jane Austen Team

First Half in Review: The Mariners As Things Near Jeff's Apartment

If It Goes Wrong

Your Daily Recommended Intake of Fact

Giant Walking Banana

FanPost of the Year

On Fanhood by Eyebrows

An Adventure in Awfulness by Chris Hafner

On the Shoulders of Giants: A Compilation by Fett42

The Sabermetrics of Cats by ARock

Off-Top FanPost of the Year

Scrappy's! by royalcurve

FanShot of the Year

Why I Don't Care by CapSea

Lookout Hitler by Fett42

Fuck the Diamondbacks by Goose

Comment of the Year, Non-Image

My Cat is Like Cory Lidle by CapSea

Kermit Runs Around a Boat by Kermit

Tyson Gillies Should be More Careful by CMC_Stags

Everyone Keep Michael Pineda Away From Cars by katal

Enforcing the Rules, by Robert

Comment of the Year, Short Subthread

Mystery Box! by Jeff and Matthew

Killer Whales by Robert and seattlebruin

Future Jeff by Jeff

Jeff and Dewey Need to Send Their Words to Obedience School by Jeff and Dewey N

Comment of the Year, Still Image

Aaron's Felix Rape List in Image Form by Aaron Campeau

EnoLLa Gay by OlSalty

Dog Boner by Robert

Fucks Used Over Time by Snowman1025

Scrappy in Art by Graham

Comment of the Year, Moving Image

Jeff is Not the Father by Scruffy Lefty

NOT SAFE FOR WORK by Scruffy Lefty

Almost Sunny Scrappy by Wilder.

Ian Snell Lips by Scruffy Lefty

Milton Bradley by Matthew

Comment of the Year, LL Meme Related

Where's Nyjer?, by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

Pokeball by Fett42

404 Error Not Found by bagsflyfree

Two Sport Athlete by Wilder.

Comment of the Year, Unintentional

Tranny by BrianL

Cat on the Keyboard by Craig3140

I Like Bears by BigR

This Might Need a Comma by Brian Floyd

Thread or Gamethread of the Year

Lacrosse Girl Part One, Robert Starred at Duke

Let's Ask Katal

Pitch Face

Cliff Lee is Coming!

Commenter of the Year



Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth



Commenter of the Year in a Supporting Role






Commenter of the Year, Most Helpful


marc w





Commenter of the Year, Visiting Mod

Scruffy Lefty



Aaron Campeau


Rookie of the Year

Chris Hafner



MeLLtdown of the Year

It's Probably Only Funny if You Were There or Can See Hidden Comments

I Think We Signed Rich Harden

FIRST is Not Acceptable at LL

Jeff is a Shitty Writer

Jim Bowden Likes Stats

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