The Most Important Cy Young

This could be the one.  The 2010 American League Cy Young award could be the game-changer.  The award that stopped ignorance dead in its tracks. 

It could also be the one that allows everybody to swallow the bluepill. 

I'll just get this out of the way and say that Felix Hernandez is my favorite player.  I'm sure that's not much of a surprise, he's the favorite of thousands of Seattle fans.  However, that has very little to do with why I want him to win the Cy Young Award tomorrow.  It's not about an emotional attachment that makes me crave awards for my favorite players like it was in the 90s with Randy, Griffey, and A-Rod.  It's about doing what's right and about putting to rest all of the stupid, ignorant statements that have been spewed out of the mouths of idiot "journalists" for the past month. 

They call us out for being homers and Seattle fans.  Sorry friends, that does not fly.  Last season Felix finished a deserving second in the Cy Young race and I had no problem with it.  Despite the fact that Felix went 19-5 compared to Zack Grienkes 16-8, you did not hear any complaining from me.  Why?  Because that's a retarded reason to not give somebody an award they deserve. 

They call us out for being "stat nerds" and replay like a broken record how fancy stats don't prove a thing.  But they don't explain why.  They don't explain what is wrong with looking at stats that go beyond the ones used in 1895.  I mean come on... do you know what's happened in the world since statistics like ERA and Pitching Wins were invented?  People started going to school on mass levels and people started attending colleges much more regularly!  That's right, we started educating ourselves and learning more about math and other fun things!  Shall we just ignore what we've learned over the last century? 

Math is something that is true and absolute.  It's the most absolute thing we have.  You could make a much better argument that the earth is flat than you could that 2+2 does not equal 4.  It will always equal 4. 

Baseball is a game of numbers and that's why statheads love it.  Yes, the "geeks" have begun the process of eliminating numbers like ERA because they aren't accurate enough in representing the true talent of a pitcher, but at the end of the day ERA is still a true number.  It's something that with a little bit of math, we can figure out and a pitchers career or season ERA will always be true.

You know what won't?  WINS.  Wins is an arbitrary creation from long ago.  It means nothing.  A win could just as easily be "The last pitcher of record" or "The pitcher with the most strikeouts in a victory."  What if they decided it was 4 innings to qualify for a win?  Or 8 innings?  What if they never decided to assign wins and losses to pitchers ever?  The game would be exactly the same.  Nobody would even notice.  How can something that can be attained, even after throwing a single pitch, be so important?  It's NOT important.

I'm just so mad that anyone has to make an argument for Felix as the Cy Young.  Nobody was bitching when Zack Grienke went 16-8 and ran away with the award for a 90+ loss Royals team.  Mostly because he had an unbelievable start to the season that was so dominant after a couple of months, that he absolutely was the best overall pitcher last year. 

But Felix did not have a stretch run that anyone outside of Seattle ever noticed.  He was just quietly dominant the entire season, mostly unhittable, for a 101 loss team.  He's the most talented pitcher in the American League and he proved it. 

I just want all the idiots out there who for some reason get to speak to a national audience about sports to stop calling out people who think Felix deserves it.  To stop treating us like fucking assholes because we enjoy the statistical nature of the game.  To stop disparaging one of the greatest seasons from a 24 year old that you will ever see. 


Nobody cares about your singular reasoning that Felix can't take home an award because he didn't get enough wins.  You sound moronic and you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.   Why don't you give the MVP award to the hitter with the most AWESOMES?  Oh and in case you didn't know, an "AWESOME" is the 4th hitter to drive in a run in any inning past the 6th with less than two outs.  ISNT THAT FUCKING SIMPLE AND DOESN'T IT MAKE SO MUCH SENSE!!??  It clearly defines who the best hitter of the season is.

Before this season I wanted Felix to win a Cy Young because he is my favorite player.  Now I just want him to win to shut up the morons and idiots who will hopefully never win awards for what they do.

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