Series Preview: Chicago White Sox @ Seattle Mariners

                                                                                              Seattle: 58-53

                                                                                             Chicago: 57-55



                                             Mariners                                      White Sox                             Edge

Hitting (WoBA)                   -59.4                                                -42.3                                  CHI

Fielding (UZR)                  46.5                                                  -17.6                                  SEA

Rotation (pRAA)               -21.9                                                  43.8                                  CHI

Bullpen (pRAA)                -23.8                                                   25.4                                 CHI

Overall (RAA)                   -58.6                                                      9.3                                 CHI


What do you know, the Seattle Mariners managed to take two out of their three games against the Tampa Bay Rays. All despite two starting pitchers performing below expectations. That's what a good bullpen effort, heroics by Langerhans, a strong effort by Ryan Rowland-Smith, and Kazmir continuing his downward spiral will do for you.

But enough about the Rays. We now begin a three-game series against the Chicago White Sox. The Sox, as you can see above, outmatch the Mariners in all aspects of the game except defense. All this, yet we still lead them in the Wild Card race! Chicago has played poorly on the road this year (a .462 WP), and has only played .500 ball since the All Star Break. Also as a fun fact, they're playing exactly to their Pythagorean record.

The White Sox appear to be a clearly better overall ballclub than we are, so let's be sporting & wish them some bad luck through the work week, all the way up until they begin their series against the hated Oakland A's this Friday.


Game One: Lucas French vs. Gavin Floyd

Game Two: Doug Fister vs. John Danks

Game Three: Felix Hernandez vs. Mark Buehrle

Did you know that Gavin Floyd was the fourth-overall pick of the 2001 draft? I didn't. Floyd has come a long way since his days in Philadelphia. He hasn't gone below 6 IP in any of his starts since July 4, and in that time, his worse K/BB ratio in any given game was 7 to 3. He throws his fastball about half the time, tosses a slider in 23% of his pitches, his curve about 20%, and just barely 8% of his pitches are change-ups. This will be a tough match-up for Our New Jarrod Washburn.

We'll be facing another first-round selection on Tuesday. Even being a bit lucky so far this year, former Ranger prospect John Danks is having his best season yet. He's managed to go between five and seven innings in all of his starts since early May, and has maintained a decent K/BB rate (2.4). His pitches range from a fastball (51.9% of the time), a cutter (21.8), change-up (17.6), and a curveball (8.6). He's even thrown the rare slider, which may be a fun thing to look out for.

Wednesday night's game features Mr. Perfect Game, also known as the only man we'll be facing against the White Sox who was an afterthought on his draft day, Mark Buehrle. One's first impression may be to think that Mark is having a wonderful year, but he's actually lost his last three starts, including the match following his perfect game, where he retired the first seventeen Twins he faced. His other two more recent outtings saw him smacked around, but to be fair, he was facing the potent offenses of the Indians and Yankees.

Mark Buehrle is earning fewer than 5 K's per 9 IP (4.78) this season, although he's also walking fewer batters than he ever has before (1.77/9IP). More balls are being put into play, and Mr. Buehrle has been somewhat fortunate with the results, judging by his .270 BABIP. Considering the tough matches we have tonight and tomorrow (prove me wrong, French and Fister), Wednesday seems to be one's best bet for a Mariners' victory.

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