The value of Washburn and Bedard

  The inspiration for this post is Dave's post over at USS Mariner where he recommends that the Mariners trade Washburn and Bedard for J.J. Hardy.  This post is not to rehash that argument.  If you want to argue about that then please read that post here.  Be sure to read all the comments there first so people aren't just talking in circles (it's worth a try to say, right?). 

  My intent behind this fanpost is to ask the LL community what we think Washburn's and Bedard's value are.  Where I have a hard time is with the following:

1. Bedard's trade value is low because he is injury prone

2. Washburn's trade value is low because he's not actually that good

3. They both are free agents at the end of the year - and we can't sign either to an extension

 It's the last point that I don't understand.  How can their trade value be supressed and their free agency value be so high that resigning them isn't a potential part of the plan? 

My thoughts below the fold.


He seems like a prime candidate for signing to an extension.  No, I don't think he's good.  But I do think there's reason to believe that he can be consistently league average going forward.  More importantly I think that Washburn has a higher value on the Mariners than on any other team.  Our outfield defense combined with Safeco means that Washburn on the Mariners is a better pitcher than Washburn anywhere else.  Which *should* mean that we could resign him at a rate slightly higher than others are willing to pay and still get our money's worth. 

Add to this the fact that he's probably becoming a casual fan favorite (or at least a name people know and like) and he has even higher value in Seattle. 

What am I missing here?


We all know what Bedard can do when healthy.  Shouldn't this make his trade value higher (because he could be lights out for a few game stretch during the playoffs) and he resigning value lower (because he's an unknown in future years)? 

I guess the key missing piece here is that the Mariners have starting pitcher depth.  As a result we might have less interest in signing these two. 

I'm really curious as to what people here think Washburn and Bedard's value is?  Why does signing them beyond this year seem to be completely off the table and what would it take in return for one or both to make people happy?

Personally, I'd be happy to see both Bedard and/or Washburn signed to an extension and I guess that opinion is based on feeling like it could be for a reasonable price.

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