Series Preview: Arizona Diamondbacks @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 32-34
Arizona: 29-38


-60.5 (30th)
-19.9 (22nd) ARI
12.3 (8th)
16.3 (7th) ARI
13.4 (11th) 0.9 (16th) SEA
-9.5 (23rd) 14.0 (5th) ARI
-44.3 11.3 Arizona

Well, a sweep of the Padres would have gone a long way toward forgetting that nightmare in Denver, but still a series win is something. And seeing Franklin Gutierrez bust out a SoCal whopping stick that makes even Jeremy Reed frost with envy was a special treat.



Game 1: Jarrod Washburn* vs. Jon Garland
Game 2: Jason Vargas(?) vs. Billy Buckner
Game 3: Felix Hernandez vs. Doug Davis*

Doug Davis is left handed? Huh.

Brandon Morrow bobblehead! Brandon Morrow bobblehead! We get to avoid Dan Haren and Max Scherzer this turn so that is good news for us. Jon Garland is up first and he has managed to get even worse than last year. 30 strikeouts to 33 walks and a five point drop in ground ball rate. Take pitches, take pitches, take pitches! Repetition is the theme of the day.

Saturday was supposed to be Erik Bedard's start, but with him on the shelf until the 23rd at least we're left with, an unannounced official starter who I guess will be Vargas. Billy Buckner has been missing bats like crazy so far this season, well above his normal rates, and he has always been a bit of a ground baller. He has also allowed six home runs in just 29 innings, which is what is driving his tRA up to the below average realm. He could be a deceptively troubling opponent for a righty with a below 90mph fastball.

Doug Davis might have been the quietest above average pitcher for the past five seasons. That has not been true this year as he has slipped down, thanks in part to a higher than normal for him home run rate. He core numbers have taken a step back though so it is not totally regressible. For a 33-year-old though it is not much of a surprise.


Port Barrel Imperial Stout
Drakes Brewing Company. San Leandro, CA

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