In (somebody) We Trust - Banner voting and next steps

So in our last installment, EnglishMariner put up a FanPost wondering about the possibility of us chipping in some money for a Jack Z appreciation banner that could hang at Safeco next season.  Subsequently:

1.  Sec 108 offered to have his company do the printing and work with his ticket rep to provide a space to hang the banner (in front of his seats)
2.  Royalcurve set up a PayPal to which donations could be made to pay for the banner
3.  A poll was established where a slogan choice could be voted on
4.  Several readers submitted designs for said banner

And to sum up, by the thinnest of margins, In Z We Trust was the winner of said poll.

Now that we have a slogan, it's on to the design.  Here are the candidates from that thread, in no particular order:

 - OKDan's effort
 - Eyebrows' effort (would probably be without the head, but the general color/font scheme would stay)
 - Two R's and Two L's' effort (would probably need to be in slightly different colors and font to avoid copyright issues)
 - admiralzing's effort (font would need to be bolder but the general style would be the same)
 - runningfool's effort
 - msb's effort

A few things to remember about this banner:

1.  It's going to be about 10' long x 2.5' wide
2.  It will be able to be seen from all over the stadium and on TV, so clarity is important
3.  It can't contain the Lookout Landing logo or site name because that would cross the line into advertising
4.  As noted with 2R2L's effort above, It should probably avoid Mariner color schemes/fonts
5.  No matter how cool the technology is, we probably can't afford a constantly spinning Z head

So, with that, on to the votering!  Voting!  Whatever!  Exclamation points!  Since it's the holidays, I don't want to drag this out, so what say we close the voting for this at noon Thursday, Christmas eve?

Vote yourself crazy!

UPDATE 12/21/09 9PM:
We will still close the voting on Thursday as planned, but then there will be a subsequent FanPost featuring the top two vote-getters from which we will choose a winner.  In that FanPost we will also accept modifications to the two finalists, in terms of fonts/colors/etc, if people have ideas or suggestions on how to make the two finalists better.
UPDATE 12/24/09 12.30PM:
Poll has been closed, and there will shortly be a new FanPost with the winner of the poll up against another entry or two from this thread.

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