A comprehensive look at Mariner MLB Debuts and how the team has preformed in them

Edgar Martinez

September 12th 1987

Edgar went without a at bat in his first game which ironically had him enter the game as a pinch runner. The team meanwhile, bashed the White Sox 12-2.

Ken Griffey Junior

April 3rd 1989

Griffey went 1 for 3 which included a double on the second pitch he saw in the big leagues. The team would go on to lose 3-2 on opening day despite Mark Langston throwing 8 strong innings.

Alex Rodriguez

July 8th 1994

Alex went 0-3 as the Mariners lost the Red Sox in a other unnoteworthy 4 to 3 defeat.

Raul Ibanez

August 1st 1996

Went hitless in a appearance as a pinch hitter. The 9-2 victory over the Brewers is memorable as it was Jamie Moyer's Mariner debut.

Gil Meche

July 6th 1999

Gave up 2 runs over 5 2/3rds innings against the Anaheim Angels but Frankie Rodriguez did his thing and allowed 6 8th innings runs along route to a 8-2 defeat.


April 2nd 2001

Went 2 for 5 on Opening day, starting rallies in the 7th and 8th innings respectively. The resulting 5-4 win set the tone for the rest of the record setting 2001 campaign.

Jose Lopez

July 31st 2004

Went 0-5 in a 9-8 extra inning loss in Anaheim in which the team blew a early 5 run lead.

Yuniseky Betancourt

July 28th 2005

Tripled on the first pitch that he saw in the majors, but the Mariners lost 6 to 5 to the Indians as Yuni went hitless in his other 3 at bats.

Felix Hernandez

August 4th 2005

Allowed the first 4 batters to reach base but would than button up and allow only a HBP and a single in the rest of his 5 innings. The team would go onto lose 1 to 3 to the Tigers.

Adam Jones

July 14th 2006

Went 0 for 3 with one walk as the Mariners defeated the Blue Jays 5 to 3.

Brandon Morrow

April 3rd 2007

Came into pitch the 9th inning of 8 to 4 victory over the Oakland A's, allowing the first two batters to reach base on a walk and single, but would retire the next three batters to help the 07 Mariners equal the amount of wins as they had against the 06 A's.

Wlad! Balentien

September 7th 2007

Pinch hitting in a game that would ultimately end the Mariners 2007 season, Wlad! would hit a double in his only at bat giving Mariner fans everywhere hope that perhaps that year's Mariners squad had a miracle run still in them.

Jeff Clement

September 7th 2007

Struck out two at bats before Wlad!'s heroics, which pretty much put the final nail in the coffin for the Mariners 2007 season as the 12 to 3 defeat to the Yankees put the team to far out of contention for them to be a factor for the rest of the year.

Matt Tuisasappo

September 5th 2008

After being inspired by Matt's double in his second at bat, Brandon Morrow went on to go no hit the Yankees for 7 2/3rds innings in his first big league start which ended up as a 3-1 win. Using the experimental !RA stat (331212313.2 !RA or a !RA+ of 283), you can easily say that Mat Tuisasappo's 1 for 4 performance was the greatest big league debut in club history.


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