OTDOTD 9/24: The I'm 21 and 1 day old edition.

I've always wanted to make one of these but never had the creativity when sober to come up with any sort of tags at all. So now I'm not and have time until I wake up so we'll see how much creativity spawns from it all. have 24 minutes remaining my my power plan so I better do this quick.

I just got home from a bunch of coworkers driving me home because all my friends aren't 21 yet and I am so my bunch of coworkers drove me home after my first 21st bday. In case you didn't catch it on the last OTDOTD, I just updated that my parents ditched me on my 21st and will get back to me tomorrow because it fits their schedule better even though it doesn't fit my turning 21 better (it's a weekday so give me a fucking break, I'm going to a bar and a club on the weekend). So my coworkers filled my time at a bar/bowling alley/casino/chinese restuarant in some ghetto ass neighborhood in West Seattle. My first drink was Manny's on tap, which I'm sure was better than the Bud Light someone tried to order me and was successful later that night. Somebody spun the mystery wheel and well drinks was a buck, which I later found out what well drinks was was. A stranger bought me a Whisky7 for my bday which I imagine was roughly 8 dollars I personally wouldn't spend on a stranger. On a side note, Whisky7s suck; I wish I had a shot of straight SoCo like a manly an. I wish I had my General Tso's before or during my first three drinks and not after. My main man gave me $40 to gamble away as a present. I went ahead and lost it all on Spanish 21 in seemingly 15 minutes except for two $5 chips I found in my pocket and forgot about until now.

All things considered, I would have otherwise spent my 21st with my not 21 friends drinking MY beer that I bought on my 21st at 9 am that I started drinking at 930 that they didn't until god knows when I'll do an inventory tomorrow or if I'll even remember to. Good thing I'm writing this down. Anyway, I better wrap this up before I spend even more frickin time finding typos because it's sobering me up.

Topics that may or may not be included in discussion (hey, I just found out what the "D" is for in OTDOTD):

- Free alchohol is the best alcohol until what age?

- Better Chinese dishes than General Tso's when drunk and at a bowling alley

- Over/under on me actually taking 24 minutes before I got off my lazy ass and found my power cord?

- What's so Spanish about Spanish 21? The way the casino still fucked me I couldn't tell the god damn difference.

Topics that may or may not be included in this discussion that people are more likely to actually have comments on:

- ? > Mirror Pond > Manny's > Full Sale Pail Ale > Whisky7

- I've honestly lost a lot of interest in baseball until the postseason. What have you been doing in your baseball time?

- Reviews of the new Gong Show

Tips on watching TV at work

- How Europe is catching on to American Football and why it's not gaining more popularity already somwhere that isn't France

- Will we even take Strasburg if we get #1 overall?

- Cooler animals than Kangaroos

- Without looking, how many times did I type the numbers 21?

- Name as many synonyms for drunk without a thesaurus like I did. Winner gets a $5 dollar chip from a mystery establishment.

Edit: Hopefully it's fixed enough.

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