Baker: Let's Blow The Whole Goddamn Thing Up, What Say?

[I was going to entitle this "Baker: Burn The Tree!" but even though the joke is funny, I don't want to attract that weirdo here under a new pseudonym.]

Anyway, Baker's had enough, saying that more and more it seems to him like the team ought to be stripped for parts like a car abandoned south of 62nd Street in Chicago.  The dilemma he correctly points out, however, is that the Mariners ownership/FO is so inept and inert that any rebuilding process is going to move at a glacial pace.

A few weeks ago, I was convinced this was just a one-year happening...[a]dd a few good hitters, I figured, and you could clean the mess up by next season and take another shot at contending.

Now, I'm not so sure. And judging by the actions -- or lack of action other than yelling and screaming -- by the team's ownership and management, I don't think they are too sure either. The Mariners seem to be an organization paralyzed by indecision.


It's never easy for any organization to "blow it up''. The only folks who find that an easy route are fans looking for an outlet through which to vent anger. I understand that. But it's no way to run a baseball team. Blowing up the Mariners means, at minimum, waiting another three years before contending again. Hoping for something quicker is akin to fooling yourselves. Billy Beane isn't taking over this team tomorrow. Whoever is running the show in 2009 will be hard-pressed to contend before 2012 if he or she "blows it up". Get it straight. Get it right. Do not delude yourselves, please.

Read the article for his musings on the incomprehensibility of the Johjima re-signing, and his frustration at the opaqueness of Armstrong and Lincoln's "leadership." Morrow and Dickey are labelled as the only two people on the roster who haven't in some way contributed to this disaster of a season so far:

Some of you keep asking for names. I've given you pages full of them these past few weeks. You can more or less take anybody on that roster save for Brandon Morrow and R.A. Dickey and make a case for how they've contributed to this team's losing. Yes, even some of your favorite players. Frankly, I don't see anybody on this roster who isn't expendable. Yes, I did just write that. Obviously, they can't all go. But some will have to.

God our team sucks.  I've been joking over the last few weeks about how I still enjoy watching them because I'm a masochist, but I'm moving beyond that phase at this point.  Anyway, read the whole entry; I've only excerpted a tiny amount.

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